1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 Holiday Coupe

I love it when documentation is preserved and is included when a car is purchased. The next owner of this car is going to inherit quite a bit of historic information about this Rallye 350.
It was purchased at Ruhe Motors in Allentown, PA. The original owner of the car held it for quite some time and was wise to keep the important documents and receipts. You are going to receive the original order and purchase documents, the window sticker and Broadcast Card as well as title copies from when new until current. The original and complete set of Owner’s Manuals are in the glovebox. The Protecto-o-Plate and Warranty booklet are included.
This is a well-equipped Rallye 350 that is still propelled by its numbers matching powertrain. It has the 310 rated Horsepower QB 350 Rocket V8, a M21 Muncie 4 speed transmission and 3.91 gear ratio rear axle with Anti-Spin.
The car was ordered and is nicely equipped with Custom Sport Steering Wheel, Soft Ray glass, Power steering and brakes, front disc brakes, Heavy Duty cooling, Dual Sport Mirrors, W45 Rallye 350 package, W25 Outside Air Induction, FE2 Rallye suspension, W35 Rear Spoiler and Deluxe Seat Belts. The original pushbutton AM radio is in the trunk and it was replaced with an Alpine AM/FM/Cassette stereo. This car has Rallye Pak gauges and they were recently upgraded to blue LED light bulbs. The car was undercoated when new and again ten years later.
The owner also had a Mark IV air conditioning system installed. Recently, the compressor was replaced with a Sanden unit and it was converted to 134a Freon. A W27 Differential cover was also recently installed.
The Sebring Yellow paint was resprayed in 1980. The paint looks good to this day, with only mirror chips and scratches. It has not been touched up. The stripes are original. There is a brand new set of stripe decals in the trunk. The body looks great and shows no sign of repair or rust bubbles. It is amazing to see such a good body and paint after over 40 years.
The black Strato Bucket seat interior is original. The carpet has been replaced. The seats still look good and only display a few minor flaws. The glass is original to the car, as are the weather gaskets. It is in amazing condition.
The compression of the QB code Rocket 350 is 10.25 to 1. That means you will need Premium gas. The original 7040253 carburetor was replaced with a rebuilt Rochester. The original is in the trunk. The original exhaust manifolds were replaced with a set of Thornton manifolds. The exhaust system is brand new and was built by Gardner.
The entire braking system and suspension were recently rebuilt. The springs, shocks, trailing arms, sway bars and bushings were all replaced. Hotchkiss components were used. The steering box was replaced. In addition, the car was tuned up, the fuel pump was replaced and the heavy duty radiator was replaced with an Aluminum model of the same dimensions. The clutch was recently replaced. All receipts for these improvements are included.
All these improvements were performed on a car that has been driven just over 71,000 miles. After residing with its original owner in Pennsylvania, the Rallye was sold to Nevada. I purchased the car from a man in Central Wyoming. He is the one that made most of the improvements and upgrades.
The tires are now Cooper Cobra Radial GTs. They are 245/60/14s on refurbished wheels. An original Goodyear Polyglass G60-14 bias ply resides in the trunk as the spare. There is an original jack in fantastic condition. The original trunk floor is perfectly solid. It is covered by its original spatter paint, some overspray from the 1980 repaint and a replacement trunk mat.
There are two sets of keys that actuate all of the locks. One set looks to be original. There is a Dealer key fob. The Manuals are in the glovebox, while the receipts and documents are in a folder in the trunk.
All features work properly. All lights work as they should. This car has been well preserved, well maintained and well sorted. It is ready to be enjoyed. It is worthy of any local show and is very capable of being driven.
This is a great looking and performing car that has its history well documented. There were not many made, especially with the Muncie M21, bucket seats and the Holiday Coupe body style. If you know, you know.