1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air III Convertible

                This car was built at the Baltimore plant and sold new by Taylor Pontiac/GMC of Geneva, OH.  It has had two owners, both of whom lived in Geneva, OH.  That is where I purchased the car.  We have PHS documents and a reproduction window sticker for support.

                Not only is this a Ram Air III Convertible, it is also a four speed car.  There were only 249 built.  It is Matador Red with a black convertible top and a red bucket seat interior.  Just as it came from the factory.

                The most recent owner was the proprietor of a Sunoco service station in Geneva.  The original owner came to him for fuel, service and performance enhancement to this car.  Soon, they were drag racing the car.  The most recent owner was the driver.  There were some great photos on the wall of the garage showing this car performing at nearby Thompson Raceway Park drag strip.

                Due to the fact that the car had become a successful race car, it did not get driven much under initial ownership.  In 1990, the car was sold to its most recent owner.  In 1993, it underwent a frame-off, rotisserie, restoration.  Since then, it has been a parade car and one that only came out under the best weather conditions.  As a result, the total actual mileage driven is just under 51,000.

                The powertrain is not original to the car.  The original engine and transmission were ruined while racing.  The engine is an era correct block with WT code and 9790071 casting.  It is correct for a 1969 Ram Air III car with manual transmission.  The four speed is a 1971 date code M22 Muncie with 32 spline output shaft.  Actually, that is a stronger transmission that the original.  The rear end housing is likely original to the car, but the original 3.55:1 differential gears have been replaced by a set of 3.90:1 gears.  It is still Safe-T-Track positraction.

                The current engine was rebuilt in the shop of the most recent owner.  The cam card is included in the packet of documents.  It is a direct replacement for a Ram Air IV camshaft.  The original style distributor, along with some other parts, is in the trunk.  The current distributor has been modified to be electronic, without points.

                The heads are the proper Number 16s.  These would be D-port heads containing 2.11/1.77 inch valves and 72cc chambers.  The exhaust manifolds are the correct Ram Air manifolds.  You should be able to see them in my photos.  The dual exhaust system exits to the correct style tips.

                This car was built with Heavy Duty Suspension, Rally II wheels, Rally Gauge Cluster, Center Console and Pushbutton AM Radio.  All are still in place.  There is an FM Converter in the glove box.  The Convertible top has a glass rear window and power for opening and closing.  The red bucket seat interior and carpet were replaced with the proper style.  A set of GTO floor mats protect the carpet.

                This car was built with power steering and power brakes.  The front brakes are disc.  All features function well.  All lights and gauges are working properly with exception of the reverse lamps.  There is a proper jack and spare.  There are two sets of keys.

                The body is very nice.  I don’t see signs of replacement panels, but there may have been some metal work done.  The car was not driven in winter, so there would be no damage from salt.  The paint is 29 years old and still looks great.  There are no bubbles, cracks or evidence of body filler.  There were just a few very small spots that have been touched up.  This is an old, yet high quality finish.

                The top is in great shape.  I am certain is was also replaced in 1993.  I was told it was kept open all summer, then closed for winter storage.  The convertible top boot is in great condition, yet I believe it may be the original.

                I was very attracted to this car because of the red interior.  It looks fantastic and is very eye-catching.  The convertible boot is also red.  The monochromatic look truly works for this car.  Personally, a white top would have been my choice, but black is the original color.

                I have only driven the car enough to test it.  It is quite obvious that it is a powerful beast.  Just the tone of the exhaust and the thump of the cam are dead give-a-ways.  But when you press on the foot feed, you know there is a lot of torque and power under the hood.  The Pontiac L74 Ram Air III engine is 10.75:1 compression and is rated at 366 HP.  Those numbers were probably conservative to begin with.  This car has been finely tuned and certainly will outperform the manufacturer’s ratings.  Premium fuel is a mandatory requirement.

                Not only is this a great looking Convertible, it is a four speed car powered by a Ram Air III L74 engine.  It is one of only 249 built.  On top of that, it had always lived in Geneva, OH until my purchase.  The most recent owner was the mechanical caretaker of the car for its entire tenure in Geneva.  He restored the car to its original beauty.  And the components of the car are supported by PHS documents, build sheet and reproduction window sticker.

                This is a wonderful car that is a very capable driver.  It is definitely going to grab lots of attention.  It is going to stand tall at any local car show or event.  It is going to draw the admiration of the Tin Indian aficionados and even those who don’t know the brand.

                I welcome your questions and inspection of this car.  I will be happy to share the documents with you at that time.  I am quite confident that you will be as attracted to this car as I was.  It is actually more compelling in person that in the photos.