1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Convertible-Black

I am going to call this car a show car that is very capable of being your summer driver. It is stunning in the black and chrome combination. Who doesn’t like triple black? The new bumpers, chrome mirrors, wheel opening moldings and restored Super Stock I wheels really set it off.

The condition of this car is very good. I journeyed to Kentucky to purchase it out of a small collection. The retired owner had owned it since 2011. He bought the car from Georgia. Because of that, it has never been rusty. He offered it great care and kept up with any maintenance and improvements that could help with his driving experience.

The floors and frame are exceptional. Not a sign of any corrosion. When the car was restored about 2000, the underside was refinished in black. The trunk floor is very good, with only a couple of spots of surface rust in evidence.

The paint is very, very nice for being 20 years old. We did have the trunk lid refinished, as it had some paint lifting due to poor preparation. Otherwise, the body is straight and the paint just gleams. Obviously there are a few small chips, nicks and scratches as a result of the car being driven. They are negligible and have been touched up.

The black convertible top and top boot look almost new, yet they aren’t. They are certainly in fantastic condition. The power top hydraulic system was recently replaced. It works perfectly.

The bumpers were replaced at the time of restoration and look great. I love the huge rear bumper on the 68-69 Oldsmobile Cutlass. All body moldings and trim are in nice condition. The door handles and locks were recently replaced. The trunk lock was also replaced. They all actuate by key. There are dual outside chrome mirrors, too.

The trunk was spatter painted during the restoration. Appropriate mats provide protection. There is a full-sized spare on a matching wheel as well as jack equipment and lug wrench properly stowed in the trunk.

This is a factory air conditioned car. Obviously that is necessary for a triple black car from Georgia. The system has been retro-fitted with 134a Freon. There is a toggle switch beneath the dash to engage the compressor clutch.

During the restoration, the engine was rebuilt. A kit from Edelbrock provided an aggressive camshaft, intake manifold and carburetor. The combination works well on the Rocket 350. It sounds great through dual exhaust. It has a bit of a lope. At the time of installation, the previous owner decided to add a remote vacuum pump to insure there is enough vacuum to operate the brake booster. I believe it was overkill, but it certainly provides peace of mind.

The original Jetaway two speed transmission was replaced by a rebuilt Turbo 350 three speed. It shifts crisply. In combination with the 2.78 open differential, this car travels at highways speeds effortlessly. You can monitor the engine’s performance via the column mounted tachometer and the auxiliary gauges found beneath the dash.

Recently, the front brakes were converted to discs. The owner lived in hilly country and decided it was time to improve the stopping power. He stated that the conversion made a huge difference during aggressive driving.

We just installed brand new BFGoodrich 245/60/14 Radial TA tires on the factory correct wheels. In fact, you can still see a hint of the blue that protects the letters. You will not need to replace the tires for many years. You can travel at highway speed and/or drive aggressively with confidence knowing that you have great tires and brakes.

The black bucket seat interior looks great. I believe the seat covers are original. I believe the dash pad is original. The carpet has been replaced. The original seat belts still look fine. The interior is all in great condition. There is a center console with shifter. The previous owner sourced a cup holder set that perfectly slips into position ahead of the console. He also added twin charging ports for your devices.
The original Pushbutton AM radio does not play. I can see a new set of speakers in the dash. I am not sure what it will take to make it play. My hunch is that you will install a stereo that suits your listening style.

This car has Courtesy lighting. All functional. There is an Owner’s Manual in the glovebox. Two sets of keys.

This is a great car that deserves to be driven and enjoyed as well as shown off. It will be loved by all.


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