1955 Chevy Belair Lil’ Tantrum

My friend raced this car in the late 60’s. After he sold it, it was sent to a local body shop for paint. Because the paint job was never paid for, it sat in the corner for 45 years after it was painted!

This same friend kept track and eventually bought it back. After a few months, he decided he couldn’t handle the project.  I decided to tackle it.

The engine was built back in the late 60’s. I found it and decided to have it rebuilt to use in a gasser. It took five years to get it done and ready. We decided to run it on E85. The dyno-tuning resulted in 587 HP! 

The internals are all new. Lots of modifications! Its head and block are o-ringed. The Hilborn pump is rebuilt, as was the 6-71 blower. The Vertex mag was rebuilt. The B-W Super T-10 was prebuilt for speed shifting. The Vertigate shifter will get that done! The clutch is new, as are all the components in the rear end. The 4.56 gears and spool were just installed. The 5.57’s were just too much!

The headers were built and finished, the driveshaft was built to fit, the 53 Chevy truck axle was installed with new Speedway 5 bolt hubs and disc brake kits. All new suspension, steering and electrical components were installed.

This car took a long time to complete. It was a compilation of the knowledge and energy of men with much history and success. It is now ready to race and enjoy.

We just had all the lettering and stripes applied by the Chicago Brushmasters. Real white gold was used. Some of the best stripers in the world participated in the transformation.

The old paint job still looks good, yet you can tell it was done long ago. Many comments have been said telling me that it truly represents a period correct gasser. I hope you agree.


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