1941 Willys Coupe

The BDS 8-71 Blower creates the pressure. In fact, it takes a good driver to deal with the pressure of racing a straight-axle Willys Coupe into the high 8’s!

Recently, the word “Survived” was added to the name on the door. This is the car that hit the wall and rolled at Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI. It was in bad shape, but lots of time and a great amount of money made it better than ever. It “Survived”!

This car has a steel body. The front clip and rear fenders are fiberglass. The doors are new steel reproductions that were installed after the accident. You can’t imagine what they cost! A new roof was fabricated to replace the smashed one. Wonderful craftsmanship at a tremendous cost. The chassis is all straight, the ten point cage is certified and the body/paint is of show quality.

The engine is impressive. Not only from a visual standpoint but from an audio standpoint. Four Hundred Twenty Seven inches of small block Chevy with a big cam and a blower make for an impressive sound. The Dart block with Dart Aluminum heads is pro-built. Lots of documentation to support this and the engine builder is more than happy continue with his services.

On top is a Hilborn four port injector (No. 701) with Kinsler accessories. The pump is a Hilborn. The blower rests on a Wieand intake. There are blower restraints.

There is a vaccuum system to evacuate the crankcase. The pan is a 7 qt. by Miloden. There is a mini-starter and a mini-alternator. Cooling is by electric pump, aluminum radiator and electric fan.

Aluminum plates support the engine and transmission. The transmission is a pro-built Powerglide with a trans brake. The shifter is by Precision Performance Products. The rear end is an Oldsmobile with Moser axles and a spool.

The performance is controlled by a MSD Pro-Billet distributor and MSD Digital 6-Plus Ignition. There is a 2 step box. The coil is a MSD Blaster HVCII. The wiring is by Painless as is the switch panel. There is a full compliment of gauges. Dual batteries reside in the trunk.

The chassis is all boxed. The front axle is a chromed straight axle with chromed parallel leaf springs and QA-1 adjustable shocks.

Safety is important, especially at this performance level. A Simpson parachute and wheelie bars do their part. A RJS cam-lock harness, window net and the 10 point cage protect the driver. A Fire Bottle extinguisher system is ready in case of tragedy.

This is a world-class gasser Willys. You can go as fast as you wish, yet take it to the World of Wheels and be a winner. As a racer and previous builder of a Willys gasser, this is simply too great of a car to pass by. If you like it, you will agree. No high pressure tactics on our part. The only pressure is created by the blower.


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