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Why buy from Top Notch?

  • I specialize in classic vehicles that I personally desire
  • No schemes, no gimmicks
  • Quality, value-priced vehicles
  • Friendly service with respect and honesty
  • Countless hours are spent searching for quality vehicles that I can take pride in selling

1679 County Road 12
Arley, AL  35541
(920) 723-7304 voice, (920) 723-0990 text


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Classic Vehicle Transport

We have many options available to transport your new vehicle to you in a secure, timely, and cost-effective manner. Please call us for more information.

Collector Car Financing

For all of your collector vehicle needs, visit JJ Best. They offer financing and many other services.


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Our Terms and Conditions

Our Prices do not include Sales Tax, Title Transfer Fee, Wheel Tax, Lien Fee, or Registration fee. We Do not assess a document fee. Our Prices are for the Vehicle only.

A Recent email from a Satisfied Customer

Thank you for making my First out of State car purchase such a smooth process. Your commitment to customer service was outstanding and keeping me abreast every step along the way helped keep my anxiety to a minimum. I cannot thank you enough!

Andrew L.


A recent review from a Satisfied Customer:


I recently purchased a 69’ GTO convertible from Top Notch Vehicles.  As with most of us who love old muscle, the process of finding the right car can be a long haul and inevitably one with a fairly “high-risk” component.  I’ve done this quite a few times and wanted to share this experience with Bob at Top Notch.  I traveled to his location to view the car and he had everything set up based on what I had requested, specifically wanted to view the undercarriage and he accommodated with floor jack and jack stands, felt like my own garage!  We spent quite a bit of time discussing the car, his business, his impending move to Alabama, his obsession with Oldsmobiles (possibly his only fault), his love of muscle and race cars, it was a wonderful exchange and it helped me in rating the “high-risk” factor, there really wasn’t one.

Bob’s business is what I would describe as focused on cars he truly investigates and sees value.  Usually has only a handful of cars for sale and it’s clearly a passion with him rather then a business.  The Goat was exactly as he described down to the things that weren’t working.

Ultimately, I returned home and took a couple weeks to investigate the market again via online effort.  I had many exchanges with Bob on email regarding a multitude of questions and frankly advice as I was looking at other cars as well.  Bob responded very promptly to every inquiry, and I must say was very helpful in navigating approaches to transferring title, decisions on shipping, payment options and even was able to reach out to a restoration shop he was familiar with to get me an estimate on replacing the convertible top (it’s black and should be white).

Bottom line, I made an offer to Bob and included my rationale and we came to quick agreement on the offer.  From there on, the paperwork for the car was fedex’d promptly, he helped me with a reputable transporter he had worked with in the past, and despite traveling to begin his move to Alabama, took the time to reach out and check on the car and how things went.

I’m certain Bob will re-establish his business once he gets settled in his new state.  If he has a car your interested in, I highly recommend you reach out to him.  He’s done so much of the work for you, you can feel confident in his description, his pricing and ultimately that you new car is going to be a blast to drive.


Greg Hoban

Twin Cities, Minnesota