2014 GMC Yukon XL

I always drive a Yukon XL or Suburban for the winter. They handle so well, plus, I can tow a car trailer if the plow is on my pickup. I typically find a nice winter vehicle in late summer, make my improvements, drive it until spring, and then offer it for sale.

This Yukon XL was found in the Baltimore, MD area. It was the only limousine owned and driven by a very, very meticulous and dedicated fellow. He was very concerned about his vehicle always performing perfectly, looking good and smelling nice. No pets were allowed, no smoking was allowed and children were expected to behave. The only person that has ever eaten food in this Yukon was me.

He kept all maintenance records. His maintenance program was much more involved than suggested by GMC. He used only synthetic fluids since new. He changed transmission and transaxle fluids more frequently than recommended, even though he used the vehicle gently. He washed it almost daily and was very concerned about interior cleanliness.

His style suited me perfectly. That is the kind of vehicle I wish to purchase. Not only for my own use, but for my customers. His great care offered you and me a super nice vehicle.

Due to regulations at the Baltimore Airport, he was required to keep his vehicle under 150,000 miles and newer than five years old. He put his Yukon up for sale only to meet the requirements.

I purchased it after discussion and flew a friend to Baltimore to drive it home. When it came, we inspected it, installed the hood guard, mud flaps and trailer brake controller. The other options are part of the factory package. The previous owner purchased and installed the Weather Tech floor mats. The carpet is like new!

Even though this Yukon now has over 170,000 miles on it, it performs like new. Everything works. The interior is spectacular. The body is very nice, but there is a crack in the left rear bumper, where somebody tapped it while it was a limousine. It is barely visible and not in need of repair.

The brakes are very recent, the tires are deep in tread. I have continued with frequent maintenance and using synthetic oil. The front suspension and steering was recently repaired and aligned. Truthfully, this Yukon is ready to go and nothing would be required other than fuel in the tank.

You probably won’t find another 2014 Yukon XL SLT under $20,000. And I doubt you will discover one in such wonderful condition. Despite the miles, I believe this to be one of the nicest you will inspect.


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