2008 Saturn Sky Redline Roadster

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                This car was sold new in Medina, OH to a wealthy older gentleman.  He in turn sold it to another Ohio man who is also older and wealthy.  Between the two of them, they put on less than 16000 miles.  We have put on a few and will continue to do so.  At this time, the odometer reads 16040.  This car is 14 years old, yet is barely broke in.

                The level of care offered is important to the condition of the car.  It has never seen rain, snow or salted roads.  In fact, the car has never missed a night in its garage.  Both men had climate controlled garages, so the car is absolutely free of any underside corrosion.  I have all maintenance history.  There was an open recall which is scheduled to be resolved soon.

                My interest has always been the powertrain.  For quite a few years, I was looking at Solstice GXPs, but I just couldn’t appreciate the body style.  A longtime friend suggested I check out the Saturn version.  The angularity of the body is attractive to me.  In fact, it reminds me of a Corvette.  I began searching and stumbled upon this low mile example.  It was in the same Ohio town as a good friend of mine, so he checked it out and I made the decision to purchase the car.

                In my opinion, it could not be nicer.  There are really no flaws of note.  The body and paint are spectacular and original.  The Tarnished Silver paint shines brightly.  The black canvas convertible top is perfect.  The Cobalt Red and Black leather interior is stunning.  This interior can be a bit fragile, especially the cup holders.  But it is unblemished.  The original cloth floor mats have never been on the floors.  A set of proper Sky rubber mats have been used since new.  The 18 inch chrome wheels are perfect.  The headlamp covers are perfectly clear.  Had the car been left outside or seen extended period of sun, they would not be so nice.  I could go on and on about the wonderful condition of the car.  You really need to see it to believe it.

                All original documents are with the car, either in the glovebox or behind the passenger seat.  The maintenance history, product information and ownership history are in a folder behind the driver’s seat.  The original jack and spare are unused.  There is a set of “pucks” that are used for jacking the car.  Again, unused.  The cloth mats are stored in the trunk.

                The Sky Redline has the 2.0 liter, DOHC/16 Valve 4 cylinder engine.  With turbocharger.  It was rated at 260HP, but could be tuned to over 300HP.  In fact, the warranty would support the dealer tune for more horsepower.  After driving the car, I don’t know that additional power is required for spirited driving.  It is important to get into the rpm range that spools the turbo and provides boost.  I believe that is over 3000 rpm.  Then you can feel the power and the pull of the engine.

                The transmission is a five speed manual.  That was one of my requirements.  After all, this is a sports car.  The rear axle is equipped with 3.73:1 gearing and Limited Slip Differential.  The car has Traction Control, which can be switched off.

                Under highway driving conditions, running 70 mph, the car will get 30mpg, or more.  Obviously, there are many factors that can reduce the economy of driving this car.  But it will provide great fuel economy, as well as impressive horsepower.

                The Redline Sky has sport-tuned independent suspension and Stabili-Trak.  This car has four wheel disc brakes as well as ABS.  The chrome 18 inch wheels are wrapped with 245/45R/18 tires, which are original to the car and in great condition.

                This car is equipped with power steering, special seats and floor mats, metallic door sill plates, stainless steel pedals, Redline gauges and a boost gauge.  It has Cruise Control, Air Conditioning Power windows, locks and mirrors and rear defrost.  Both key fobs offer keyless entry and remote opening of the trunk.  The AM/FM/CD stereo offers XM radio and has six speakers.  The headlamps are automatic and there are fog lamps.  There are also Courtesy Lights throughout.

                This is a very stylish car, that is well equipped, that has ultra-low mileage.  It has always been afforded the best care and housing.  It is in wonderful condition for being 14 years old.  The combination of the Tarnished Silver paint and the Cobalt Red interior is quite stunning.

                This is a driver’s car.  It is meant to perform in a sporty fashion.  Yet, it will offer you excellent fuel economy with a comfortable ride and nice creature features.

                We plan to drive the car sparingly, use it for social events and will probably even take it to a few local shows.  The mileage is going to go up, but not dramatically.  If you are interested, please contact me.  We look forward to enjoying the car, thus, the price is going to be firm.

                This car is in like new condition and is barely broken in.  I am looking forward to offering it some exercise.