2005 Chevrolet 4500 Box Truck

I have owned this truck for seven years. It was set up for hauling a vehicle and towing a trailer.

There are two 12 foot ramps and a winch that make for easy loading. There are custom wheel checks in the front and four ratchet straps for securing the vehicle. There is a door from the cab into the box that makes all this very easy.

We installed a very heavy duty receiver hitch and a brake controller. The big seven-pin plug in near the hitch. I have towed a two-car trailer and this set-up works perfectly. One in the back of the truck and two on the trailer.

I have been to Kansas, Kentucky, New Jersey and most states in between. I have never been stranded. The only issue was on the idler pulley on the serpentine belt. I replaced it in the parking lot of O’Reilly Auto Parts.

The tires are in great condition. I put two steer tires on when I bought the truck. They have just over 20,000 miles on them. The drive tires had just been put on before I bought it. The radial tires are 19.5’s.

Currently, the mileage is 166,xxx. It was used to haul parts before I owned it. It was never heavily laden. The GVW is beneath the requirement for CDL.

The Duramax diesel coupled with the Allison automatic transmission makes for pickup- like driving.

It is as easy as putting it in gear and pressing the pedal. The steering and brakes are both power. It has an AM/FM radio and air conditioning. the seats are high-backed chairs. we rigged up for another person to sit in the middle.

This truck was dressed with faux windows and 800 rv4 rent decals to make it easy to drive past the DOT scales. I have never crossed them and have never been stopped for driving past.

I also used the truck to haul my Polaris Ranger UTV. There is plenty of clearance for a  tall   vehicle. Old pickup trucks fit easily.

You need nothing but fuel in the tank. if you want cold A/C, you need to add acan of 134a each spring, otherwise, you are ready to start hauling.

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