1994 Peterbilt 379

My long career in agriculture, specifically, the grain industry, has me familiar and fond of big trucks. We ran quite a few to get grain to market and feed, fertilizer, hardware and petroleum to the consumers. I appreciate the challenge of finding a good truck and of making it ready to work.

This truck was sold new in Louisiana. The first owner used it to pull grain and dump trailers on his huge grain farm. This was the truck that he personally drove. It is evident that he gave it great care.

I went to far Western Oklahoma to pick buy this truck. It was from a man that was retiring. He was the second owner. He purchased it in Texas. His motivation was to have a back-up to his newer truck that was being overhauled. He bought this truck just after it had been overhauled. It has about 18,000 on the overhaul.

He got his newer truck back from the overhaul and started using it. In the meantime, he put this one in the shop and made it so much better. The list is long and likely omitting something. New radiator and fan, new turbo, new clutch and clutch brake, new brakes, one new differential, new air bags and springs and new BGF 11-24.5 tires. Just a couple of days before my arrival, he had the Jakes adjusted and ran the rack. It was DOT inspected at the Peterbilt dealer in Wichita Falls, TX the day before my purchase.

All lights work, all gauges work, the CB and stereo work great and the stereo has remote control. The Air conditioner has been converted to 134a. It works great. The outside temperature was 106 the day I picked it up! After an hour, I had to turn down the fan. It was freezing me out! Would you believe the clock even works!

This truck is powered by a 3406C Caterpillar engine, rated at 425HP. The last of the non-electronic Cat motors. The transmission is a 10 speed. The rear end gears are 3.90. It has ten Aluminum wheels on Aluminum hubs.

The sleeper is a 63” Unibilt. It has functional lighting, controls and a great bunk heater. The mattress is original. We even found the right colored sheets!

There is a single-line wet kit, switch and wiring for power roll tarp and an air gauge to estimate your load. There are twin work lights for loading and hooking trailers. This truck is ready to go to work!

The odometer is showing actual miles of 964,000 and change. As stated, there are minimal miles on the overhaul, turbo, tires and brakes. You will find plenty of lights, chrome, polished Aluminum and operator friendly gadgets.

The paint and interior are original and NICE! Even the frame is original paint. No rust! Now you know why I made a 2200 mile trip to get this nice Peterbilt. The interior is clean, not beat up and showing the original carpet. It smells nice and looks great. The paint shined up nicely, as did the Aluminum and chrome. My obsession was to paint the frame, but it is so original and still in nice condition, so I resisted. You deserve to see how and original truck that has been taken care of looks.

Both owners gave this truck good care. At the age of 25, it averaged about 40,000 miles per year. So it wasn’t beat on and was driven by the owner.

Please call me at 920-723-7304 to make an appointment to inspect it. I keep it at my house!


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