1993 Pontiac Firebird Firehawk Coupe

This car came to me as a trade-in. Perhaps not something I would normally seek, yet the fact that it is very rare and very fun made me take interest.

There were 201 Firehawks built in 1993, this is number 85, as tagged on the center console. Of the 201 built in 1993, this is one of 96 that were equipped with the 700r4 automatic transmission.

All of these cars were built in Canada. After they came off the assembly line, they went down the street for modification by SLP (Street Legal Performance). The modifications were performance enhancing, suspension, exhaust and cosmetic. This was a $6500 option!

This particular car is Bright Red with dark graphite leather interior. It has been driven 93,390 miles. It is very close to stock. I see a K&N air filter, otherwise, I did not notice modifications.

The features are all functioning properly, with exception of the horn. The air conditioning blows very cold. The stereo plays as it should. The power locks work easily, the power windows are a bit slow. The headlamp doors operate perfectly.

The interior is in decent condition. The carpet and headliner are nice. I found a couple of small areas where the stitching is weak on the leather. It is nothing too obvious and I doubt it will become worse. The dash is good. Nothing about the interior tells me this car was abused or that is carried pets or children. I doubt it was ever smoked in.

The Firehawk wheels are all nice and all the center caps are nice. The P275/40ZR17 tires are in good shape, as are the disc brakes, front and rear.

The paint is mostly original. The front nose may have been repainted. There are numerous scratches and chips that are touched up. There is a spot on the roof where the clear-coat has come off. It is certainly not show worthy, yet is not hideous.

This is a rare car. It is a high performance car, at least during the era. It is not beat up and the mileage is not high. There is a lot of fun left and for not a lot of money.


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