1992 Jeep Wrangler

This cute little plaything came to me as a trade. Perhaps a bit too new for my liking, but it has lots of fun to offer.

It was sold in WI, so there are rust repairs to the body and floors. The frame has some corrosion that may need reinforcement if you are going to be using it to its fullest capabilities. No worries if you are not going to put it through its paces.

It looks nice, has a good shine and is the right color. The top is all there and in good condition. The original interior by Jeep is in nice shape, other than needing a scrubbing. But you are going to mess it up anyway, so who cares? The original carpet, door panels and dash are all in decent shape.

The roll cage is padded. This is the first year for rear shoulder belts. The passenger seat tips away for easy access to the rear seat. The original wheels are not perfect, but look okay. The tires have plenty of tread, but are old enough that replacement may be a good move. The original jack and wrench are stowed beneath the hood, as per the factory.

The gauges all work, with exception of the Amp gauge. The lights are working properly, but the left turn doesn’t self-cancel. The auxiliary lights have yet to be wired to the switches. There is a tow package. There are two keys.

I have driven this Jeep enough to go through half a tank of gas. It is fun, especially if you like to shift. It starts and runs great. It is comfortable at 60 mph. I have not taken it on the freeway, but feel confident to say it will do just fine.

This is a fun vehicle. It has plenty of possibilities. You could even use it for your daily driver.

I know the 4×4 works, as we tested it. But I have not taken it off-road to see how it does. I am not going to, either. I believe it will do just fine. The parking brake is not working, nor is the horn.

If you want a lot of fun for not a lot of money, this may be just what you are looking for. I thought it had too much to offer to pass it up. I hope you feel the same way.


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