1990 Peterbilt 379

I like to find Southern trucks that don’t have the corrosion issues we face in WI. This truck was sold new to A&W Trucking by Nalley Carolina Peterbilt. I believe both are now defunct. But it is certain that this truck was sold in North Carolina.

You will see that the frame and suspension are not corroded and nasty from salt. The bolts will loosen with a wrench. The cab, mounts and lines are not all rotted away. This is a very solid truck.

It is equipped with the original Cummins NTC 350 engine. I believe the transmission is the original RTX14609B nine speed. The rear ends have 4.10 gear ratio. I has tall 24.5 tires.

This combination motivates the truck to 70 mph at 2000 rpm. Now that may seem like a lot of revs in today’s world, but the NTC 350 was an engine that like rpms. In fact, it was making its best horsepower at 2100. At those rpms, you will be at 73-74 mph.

The truck sat for many years due to rear end failure. Why it wasn’t repaired is beyond me. A couple of years ago, a fellow from Ohio discovered the truck. He had the engine overhauled, went through the transmission, repaired on rear end and had a new center section installed in the other.

In addition, he rebuilt the air conditioning, installed new lines and wiring, added some lights, set it up with a brake controller and seven-pin connection for RV and installed a new Legacy seat for the driver. The passenger seat is a new air-ride by Seats.

The truck was sold to an auto transporter. He towed a three place trailer, so it didn’t work hard. In August 2018, a valve was dropped. As a result, a new head was installed as were two pistons and injectors. All new gaskets, too. The turbo was replaced. While they were waiting, they switched most of the lights to LED.

Due to the fact they delivered to inner city locations, they chose to go to a diesel dually to tow the trailer. It was much more maneuverable and certainly less costly to maintain. That is when the truck was put up for sale.

You will find this truck to have like new tires, with the fronts by Michelin. The rears are all matching and by Samson. All wheels, boxes, tanks and chrome have been polished up and look great.

The paint is older and it has lost its luster. I don’t think it is going to shine without a coat of gloss clear. I like the scheme of the paint and decided it should be left as it is. It has a vintage style that suits me.

The frame is nicely painted to black. The lights all work and look great. This truck has dual air cleaners, hub caps, lug nut covers, quarter fenders and a tool box. The Texas style bumper is in good condition. Overall, the truck has a great look.

The interior is in fantastic condition. It is correct and not messed with. I see no signs of smoking, pets or poor housekeeping. There are no cracks in the dash. The door panels are not damaged. The sleeper is very nice. There is no mattress.

The gauges have visors. As mentioned, the seats are like new. You will need to install your own radio and CB. The doors lock and are keyed alike.
The DOT inspection was just done and no issues are evident. The odometer is not working, so you will need to rely on your GPS to keep track of mileage. Otherwise, this truck has no issues.

I drove it from Ohio to WI and found it to drive great. Good power, easy shifting, functional Jakes. It handles well and is aligned properly. It is a great old truck with a cool, vintage look.


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