1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Classic Coupe

This is the end of an era. The 1988 Cutlass Classic is actually a hold-over 1987. There were 27,678 sold as 1988 models and shipments to dealers stopped in late 1987. The new Cutlass was front-wheel drive and a V6 was the biggest engine available. The 1988 Cutlass Classic is the last rear wheel drive Cutlass sold.

These cars were only available with the durable 307 Oldsmobile V8 engine and the four speed 200-4R overdrive automatic transmission. The car is like most and came with a rear axle gear ratio of 2.56 to 1.

This particular car was sold new just to the West of me in Stoughton, WI by Stark. It must not have been the car everybody wanted, because it took until last 1988 for it to be purchased. We have the initial purchase invoice, original window sticker and all the original owner’s manuals to support the purchase and equipment of this car.

It is not a loaded up model, as it does not have either power windows or power locks. Perhaps that is why is hung around so long before going to its new home. It does have power steering and brakes, dual outside mirrors with the driver’s being remote controlled and bright moldings. It looks sharp with the color coordinated Super Stock III wheels. It was sold new with wheel covers. It has 4 season air conditioning and rear defogger. It had an AM/FM stereo, but now has a modern stereo. It has Convenience Group lighting and bumper guards. The glass is Soft-Ray tinted. It has a tilt steering column and a split bench seat with reclining backs and fold-down center arm rest.

The color of the car is Medium Metallic Gray. The body has been repainted to the original color and striped to the original red accent stripe. I don’t see any sign of rust or collision repair. I believe the repaint was for cosmetic purposes. It was well done. There are a few small areas that have been touched up.

This car has Gray cloth interior. The headliner was replaced, so it does not sag. The front seating area and carpet have singe marks from cigarette ashes dropped by the gentleman who purchased the car new. I can tell that they have been cleaned. They are not highly noticeable. There is minimal lingering odor. We ran an ozone machine and have placed air fresheners in the car. I am very sensitive to tobacco odors, so I try hard to minimize them.

This car has only been driven 79,315 miles. We don’t have documentation to support this, but the condition of the car does. Due to the cars age, it is being sold as “EXEMPT” from odometer disclosure.

The condition of the body, the undercarriage, the engine bay, the trunk and the interior help me feel comfortable stating that the mileage is actual. The undercarriage has a bit of surface rust, but is not deteriorated. The engine bay looks wonderful considering the car is 32 years old. The trunk has the original carpet over a perfect floor. The jack, wrench and spare tire are present.

When I inspected the car, I did not see any body work that indicated corrosion or collision damage. The bumpers have not be crunched. This car presents itself very well.

The original stereo has been replaced by a modern stereo that has the ability to play CDs and to interface with your other devices. It is Bluetooth compatible. I believe there was an amplifier and subwoofers in the trunks, as cables are present.

The BFGoodrich Radial TA tires don’t appear to be old or worn. They are 215/70R/14’s. They are .35 inches taller than the original 195/75/14 tires, so the speedometer may not be perfectly accurate. But they sure do look great on the car!

The exhaust looks to be original and it is in nice condition. We have checked all lights and found them to be working. All features function properly with exception of the air conditioning and the cruise control. The A/C is still R12 and there is a little in the system. It makes sense to convert the system to 134a before recharging it. The Cruise Control system seems to all be in place beneath the hood, but the turn signal stalk has been replaced with one that does not include the switch. Perhaps the Cruise Control would work if the signal stalk was replaced properly?

All-in-all, this is a nice car that looks great. It represents one of 27,678 built to end the 4th Generation of the Oldsmobile Cutlass.


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