1988 Chevrolet Suburban 4×2

This Suburban is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. While it appears to be just your average, run of the mill, square bodied Southern Suburban, it has a whole lot more hiding beneath the hood.

It was sold new in Arizona and spent quite a bit of time in Oregon. Hence, it is not rusty. But the paint is pretty well baked. It has even been repainted, but the paint is dull and the clear coat has partially pealed. It is still the original light blue/dark blue two-tone scheme, as when new.

We know how it was equipped because there is a copy of the original Window Decal. There is information documenting ownership. But the condition and specifications are what is really important.

This is a very well-equipped Silverado package Suburban. Lots of power equipment including steering and brakes and windows and locks. It has tilt steering, Cruise Control and front/rear Air Conditioning. There is now a Retro AM/FM stereo. The fuel tank holds 40 gallons. There is a heavy duty towing package. This Suburban has the full gauge package. All the windows are deeply tinted from the factory.

The interior is very comfortable thanks to Captain’s Chairs. It has the third row seat. There is a center console. There are even factory floor mats. The interior has been completely refurbished.

Recently, it had some upgrades. This includes a new grill, running boards, roof visor, new mirrors and bumpers and back-up camera
The brakes, tires, wheels and suspension have also been upgraded. There are air shocks and traction bars to help with your towing needs. The rear axle ratio is 3.73 and the gears are from Richmond. It has Positraction, too.

The most important upgrade is the powertrain. A 5.3 liter LS engine from a crashed pickup was sourced. It was completely rebuilt to Flex-fuel specifications. Forged steel rods were used for longevity. The heads are from a 2007 engine. There is an after-market computer system. The exhaust system begins with Shorty headers and flows all the way to the rear as duals with throaty mufflers.

The transmission is now a 4L60E. It was rebuilt to Corvette specifications. The combination of engine, transmission and axle ratio is perfect.
The Air Conditioning system has been completely overhauled. It will freeze you out! The entire driving experience of this Suburban is so well conceived and comfortable.

The man who built this machine has enjoyed it for 20,000 miles. He has towed his boat, his four-wheeler and he and his wife have taken long trips. You may drive it with full confidence that it will perform exceptionally well.

While the paint looks old and dull, the performance if very fresh. I suppose you might call it a sleeper. If you prefer the shiny look, it will require a refinish. But the rest of the truck has been improved and rebuilt. Nothing more is required.

If you like Square Bodied Suburban, but are disappointed with the stock powertrain, how about something more exciting? This Suburban will provide you with great performance and a wonderful driving experience.


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