1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 Coupe

The manufacturer’s war was on. Ford and Bill Elliott had dominated with the Thunderbird. It was time for General Motors to step up their game. Both Chevrolet and Pontiac produced models based on the G-Body that would be homologated by NASCAR and compete in 1986 and 1987.

The Pontiac version ended up being the most “engineered” to discover aerodynamic advantage. The front end and the rear window were designed specifically to reduce the coefficient of drag. There is a front valence and an integrated rear spoiler. By the time it was produced for the public, the Grand Prix 2+2 had a drag coefficient of .368.

The Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2 was a one year only offering. Only 1225 were produced and all were said to have been in the Silver color scheme. Folklore has it that a few were produced in maroon for GM executives. The Pontiacs were sold in the SE United States, which is certainly the epicenter of NASCAR and its fans. The Pontiacs had special graphic denoting them as 2+2, but what made them stand out is the bulging rear window. The MSRP was $18,210.

This particular car was sold new in Virginia. And that is where I found it. We have the full complement of owner’s manuals, warranty information and user guides with this car. In addition, we have many maintenance receipts from the past three years.

All Grand Prix 2+2 cars had the Chevy 305 engine with a four barrel carburetor. They were rated a bit higher than what was normally available in the G-Body cars, yet the Chevrolet NASCAR Monte Carlo was rated just a bit more than the Pontiac. All had the 200-4R overdrive automatic transmission. The Pontiacs had a 3.08 gear ratio and limited slip differential. This was done to allow for higher top speeds on the super speedways.

This particular car is very well equipped. It has Air Conditioning, which has recently been converted to 134a Freon and it blows cold. It also has Cruise Control, Power Steering and Brakes, with the fronts being discs. It has a handling package, which is large sway bars and better shock absorbers. The power windows and locks still work. It has gauges a remote outside mirror and a tilt steering column. The original stereo has been replaced by a Retro Sound model that offers great sound and USB, Bluetooth and Auxiliary capabilities.

This car rolls on Pontiac Rally wheels that seem to have some unique styling. They are wrapped in near new BFG Radial TA tires of the proper 215/65/15 size. They are filled with Nitrogen. The original mini spare, jack and instructions reside in the trunk.

The most recent owner had the car for three years. During his stewardship, he invested lots of time, money and effort into preserving and improving the car. In addition to the aforementioned A/C and sound system upgrades, he installed the new tires. He had the entire braking system flushed and refreshed. He had the transmission serviced. All oil leaks were tended to. New belts and hoses were installed. A tune-up was performed including new wires. He rebuilt the steering, including new tie rod ends and had the front end aligned. The carburetor was rebuilt. The exhaust system was replaced. He installed a new fuel tank. From our inspection, all features work properly with exception of the ventilation directional doors. There are two sets of keys and all locks work properly.

In addition, he had the front end, hood, roof and decklid refinished. The clear coat was the problem, as you would guess. The body on this car is perfectly solid. In fact, I did not see so much as a ding. The paint has minimal flaws that are evident only upon close inspection. The rear bumper has a couple of scuffs that have been touched up. The stripes are original and showing just a few flaws. All-in-all, the appearance of the car is very nice and it will certainly be well received at any local car show or cruise night.

All the glass is good and appears to be factory original. I believe the wheels are original and they are in good condition. The beauty rings are stainless steel and perfect. The underside of the car is solid and appears to have been undercoated when new.

Due to the age of this car, it is sold as exempt from odometer disclosure. Thankfully, Virginia does not destroy mileage history on the title when a vehicle becomes ten years old. The mileage on the title of this car is stated to be Actual Miles. The current odometer reading is 41,531. When you inspect the car, you will agree that this is likely.

I have seen many GM G-Body cars and the interior is often the first part of the car that shows wear. I have to say the interior of this car is probably the nicest I have ever seen. The headliner is tight, the carpet is in great shape and the seats have no rips or burns. The door panels are in great shape. I have seen interiors that look horrible. I will say that this one looks wonderful.

The engine bay is neat and tidy. The valve covers were switched to aftermarket when the most recent owner was solving leaks. The air cleaner may not be correct, but it sure looks good. The battery is almost new.

This is a rare and unique car. If you follow NASCAR, it will look familiar. Richard Petty drove the NASCAR modified version of one of these in 1986, finishing 14th in points. You may not race this car, but you are sure to enjoy driving it and showing it off. I highly doubt there will be another one at any show you attend.


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