1985 Buick Riviera Coupe

This car came as a trade-in towards another Buick. The man that owned it has a nice collection of GM cars and this was his newest. He needed to make room for the Buick he was purchasing.

He purchased this car two years ago. It was offered by a Texas dealer. It was sold new in Missouri and then went to Oklahoma. We have registration and insurance documents to verify ownership. A Carfax report also documents ownership history. Most importantly, we know this car was driven very little, the mileage is actual and it likely has never seen snow or salt.

In fact, I doubt it saw much rain. And it was most likely garage-kept. My statements are based on the overall exceptional quality of the car and the fact that it is completely original.

The interiors in these cars were supple and plush. But not durable. They were susceptible to showing wear from entrance and exit. The sun was horribly hard on the interiors of these cars. The sun was also hard on vinyl tops, bumper fillers and paint of this era. But this car is not showing any of this damage or degradation. It is in exceptional condition for being original.

We have the original Owner’s Manual and Warranty Booklet. They show the original owner. We also have the dealer brochure, receipts and the build sheet. These all help you understand the composition of the car as well as the history, usage and care it was given.

Like most Riviera’s, this car is well-equipped. It has the standard 307 V8 that was built by Oldsmobile. The overdrive transmission was first available in 1985. This is the last year of the generation of Riviera having full-frame instead of unibody. This car is nicely loaded with many great features and options.

You will find most all power options in this car. It did not have a rear window defogger. No need in the South. It is Sandlewood Beige, both inside and out. The upholstery is plush cloth.

This car is incredibly nice. All features work properly with exception of the power antenna. It does not work due to a radio change. The stock radio and speakers work and are in the trunk. The most recent owner preferred to listen to music from his phone, so he had a Retro style radio installed that offers much better sound, USB port and Bluetooth. It mimics the appearance of the original radio and plays well. He also had an alarm system installed. You will be getting two keyless remotes that unlock the doors and pop the trunk. You may control the alarm with these.

We inspected the car and discovered all lights are working. The doors lock by power switch, remote and with the key. There is the original style spare and jack stowed properly in the trunk.

I find it so great to discover an original car that is of low mileage. It is even better to find one that offers functional features and lights. Even the air conditioning and automatic leveling are working on this wonderful car.

While we have plenty of documentation and evidence to support the mileage as 55,668 actual miles, we must note that this car is exempt from odometer disclosure. Most likely, the mileage will not be recorded on your new title when you purchase the car.

If you wish to have a classy, cool and comfortable car that could truly be driven daily, look no further. You have discovered a great car that is ready to drive and ready to show. I believe it will be very competitive in the survivor class of most shows. It has had great care and it shows.


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