1984 Oldsmobile Hurst

If you know these, cars, then there is no explanation needed. And if you know how to verify it is a true Hurst/Olds, you will know that the eighth digit in the VIN needs to be a 9. As it is with this car. So no explanation needed again. But just in case you wish to go further with verification, the W40 code is present on the SPID decal affixed to the trunk lid.

At the same time, perhaps you aren’t familiar with the Hurst/Olds. They are a great looking car with cool features and wonderful to drive. So maybe this one just caught your eye?

The Hurst/Olds were special cars of limited production. This is the 450th produced of the total 3500 made in 1984. They had a high performance 307 Oldsmobile V8, a performance modified 200r4 automatic transmission shifted by Lightning Rod shifters, an 8.5 inch differential with 3.73 gearing and limited slip traction control. Did you know the Air Conditioning will shut off at wide open throttle?

The modifications over the Cutlass are not all mechanical. As you can see, this car has a faux hood scoop, rear spoiler, decal package, blackened grill and headlamps and the desirable chrome plated Super Stock wheels.

Most of these are very well equipped. Standard equipment is power steering and brakes, with the front being disc, air conditioning and gauges. Most came with options such as cruise control, AM/FM/Cassette, dual outside mirrors and GM floor mats. This car is also equipped with tinted windows, rear defogger, tilt steering, removable roof panels (tee-tops), power seat, power antenna and remote trunk release. There are a few additional options that could have been ordered, but this car is set-up with most everything you would desire.

It has only been driven 57,180 miles. We have ownership history, documentation, maintenance records and Carfax report to support this mileage claim. You will notice the quality of the interior and engine compartment of this car. The condition of both will confirm the limited use of this car.

The interiors of GM cars of this era are very fragile. The headliners sag, the upholstery fades and even turns to a different color. This car has none of those flaws. In fact, the original color matching GM floor mats are still in great condition.

This car has not been rusty. It appears to have been rust-proofed when new. It was sold in New York State, but shortly afterward went to Nevada. By the time it went back to New York and most recently to MN, it was a very collectible car that was treated accordingly. The paint is not perfect, but looks very nice. There are chips, scratches and other flaws from 35 years of ownership that prevent it from being labeled as pristine. But it is still show worthy.

The trunk is in excellent condition. The original mat is near perfect. All jack and spare components are present. There are detailed manuals, display brochures and a binder of maintenance history and vehicle information present. The original GM roof panel storage bags are also in the trunk.

The most recent owner was quite particular about preserving the originality of the car. He discovered a few deviations that he corrected. One that he did not was the carburetor. At some point, it was replaced with an era correct Rochester carburetor. Unfortunately, it does not have provisions for connection to the Cruise Control actuator. Otherwise, this car is a great tribute to the originality of the way it was delivered to the first owner.

There are extra keys, a glove box full of the original manuals, including the warranty booklet, the key for the lug nuts and just about anything you would expect, plus more. You are not only getting a great car to drive, you are getting a great car to show off and it comes with all the information you would ever desire explaining the advantage of the Hurst/Olds.


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