1983 Lincoln Mark VI Signature Series Coupe

This wonderful car spent much of its life in Colorado. The climate, limited use of road salt and minimal usage has allowed it to remain in completely original and glorious condition.

This car has not been repainted, reupholstered or restored. It is very, very original with only wear items replaced. All features function properly.

The car has only been driven 99,5xx miles. That is less than 3000 miles per year. Perhaps the owner was a Snowbird?

I believe most of these Signature Series models were pretty well loaded up. There is not much that isn’t included. It starts with the keyless entry that Ford/Lincoln/Mercury successfully used for decades. There is climate control, cruise control and auto-dimming headlights. The seats are six-way power. The outside mirrors are power. The rear view mirror has auto-dimming. The steering column tilts. Of course the windows and locks are power. There is a power release for the trunk lock. An AM/FM/Cassette sound system is standard equipment. The antenna is powered. You can play with the trip and fuel mileage calculator. Courtesy lamps are found all over this car. Finally, there is a clock/calendar.

The powertrain is the long-lasting 302 with fuel injection and the Automatic Overdrive transmission. Both have served for many years and are typically trouble-free. You will not win races, but will be surprised by the respectable fuel economy this behemoth will offer you.

The body is very straight and defect-free on this car. The big long panels will show imperfections easily. The styling is accentuated by the faux vents on the fenders and the Landau top. The front end is imposing due to the standup grill and the hidden headlights. The paint is wonderful and polished easily. There are very few small chips that were touched up. The Landau top is nice. The bumper fillers are perfect. I doubt this car ever sat out overnight.

I was not able to find a single feature on this car that failed to work properly. And the previous owner had assured me of that same statement. There are no repairs necessary. IF I were to make a suggestion, it would be to replace the tires. While they look great and have ample tread, they are somewhat aged.

The blue velour interior is in great condition. I was told this car was ever smoked in and my investigation supports that claim. The seats are not torn or stained. The interior is very, very nice. Completely original. Show worthy, in fact. It is like you are sitting in the recliner at home. As expected, Lincoln offered great comfort.

This car just floats along as you drive. The feel is very different from the cars of today. It is almost like you are floating on a cloud. This is one of those cars that you would love to take on very long trips. I made the statement that it would be a perfect car to drive across the Country.

Life in Colorado was good to this car. Lincoln owners are typically good to their cars. After all, it is very expensive to purchase a new Lincoln. Only a fool would not provide it with the very best care possible.

I hope you enjoy the look of this Lincoln. You can expect a great driving experience and plenty of options to enhance it. Just add fuel and off you go!


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