1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance Sedan

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            This car was sold new in Whites Creek, TN.  As with most Cadillacs, it was garage kept all of its life.  What drew me to this car is the low mileage and originality.  It has only been driven 48,446 miles.  The paint, interior, powertrain, wheels and trunk are completely original and in fantastic condition.

            The Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance is the top of the line sedan offered by Cadillac.  These car are very nicely equipped.  This particular car has the Oldsmobile LF9 Diesel engine in combination with the 200-4R overdrive automatic transmission and 2.93:1 axle gearing  The most recent owned told of getting over 30 mpg on the highway.

            The paint is original, but not without a few flaws.  In the case of this car, it would be appropriate to refer to it as patina.  The flaws provide character and are indicative that the car is very original.  But the flaws I am referring to are miniscule.  You might notice a small ding, or two.  You will find a few stone chips and thin spots in the paint.  But nothing unsightly and certainly no rust.  The bumper fillers are in great condition.

            The white vinyl top is also original to the car.  Had the car been sitting out in the sun, it would have deteriorated after 40 years.  The tinted glass is all very nice.  The chrome and bright work looks great.

            The white vinyl top is also original.  It too is very nice.  There are no cracks or signs of shrinkage.  It is still bright white and without discoloration.  The condition tells me that the car does indeed have low mileage.

            The Dark Maple leather upholstery is fantastic.  There are no tears or split seams.  It is obviously original, as it has just enough character to tell you that it has not been replaced.  The door panels, carpet, floor mats and dash are all in wonderful condition and factory original.  The entire interior is in great condition.  It is clean and show ready.

            The LF9 Diesel certainly has its detractors.  Those who appreciate the engine tell how economical it is and how durable it can be with proper maintenance.  This engine starts with ease, doesn’t smoke and doesn’t leak.  The most recent owner said it did leak, but he sent it to his mechanic.  The mechanic removed the heads, had them planed for trueness and then reinstalled them with new gaskets.  The glow plugs are working properly.

            The 200-4R overdrive transmission helps the car produce excellent fuel economy.  When you couple it with the 2.93:1 rear axle gearing, it allows the engine rpm to remain low.  The transmission is working perfectly.

            The Air Conditioning system was recently overhauled.  New components were installed.  The Freon was converted to 134a.  Most belts and hose were replaced.  The alternator and both batteries were also replaced.

            All Cadillacs have nice equipment.  The Fleetwood d’Elegance is very well equipped.  In addition to the usual power steering and brakes, it has power windows and locks, power trunk release and closure, power split seats and power antenna.  The Air Conditioning system is governed by Climate Control.  The AM/FM radio provides stereo sound.  The windshield wipers have the delay feature.  The head lights have the Sentinel feature.  Both outside rear view mirrors have remote control.  Both visor mirrors are lighted.  The steering wheel tilts and telescopes.  The rear window has a defogger.  Cruise Control helps maintain a consistent speed.  There are courtesy lamps, map lights and a third brake light.  The true chrome wire wheels are original and are mounted with radial whitewall tires.

            The original Owner’s Manual and Warranty booklet are with the car.  There are two sets of keys.  There are some maintenance records.  The spare and jack are in the trunk and properly secured.

            This is a great car to drive!  It rides like a big Cadillac should.  The powertrain is very smooth.  The seating is plush and comfortable.  The highway is where this car thrives.  It loves to be on the open road, with the Cruise on.

            This car is ready to enjoy.  Drive it as much as you wish.  It is ready for any show.  The originality, condition and low mileage will attract fans.  It certainly attracted me.  I hope you also find it to be attractive.