1979 Plymouth RoadRunner

I had been seeing this car at local car shows and cruise nights for a number of years. I was always attracted to it, as my best buddy in college had a Roadrunner in orange.

I was at a recent show and discovered it was for sale. The owner had purchased another cool Mopar and it suddenly needed some repairs. Plus, he needed garage space.

I knew this car to be a very capable driver, as they drove it to many events. I was impressed by the original interior and the fact that it was not a rusty car. The overall appearance suits my taste. The fact that it has an 8-track player confirmed my interest.

This car was rust-proofed when new, always garage-kept, driven respectfully and as a good-weather car. It was repainted some time back after the right fender was dented. It has only been driven 71, 450 miles. All of these factors have allowed it to still look very, very nice.

The addition of headers and side pipes not only make for a nice exhaust tone, but the look really fits the era. The American Racing turbine wheels and Grand Am white lettered radials also fit. The final touch is the Roadrunner floor mats.

This car is equipped with a 318-2V engine and automatic transmission. The gearing is for highway and fuel economy. It is NOT a race car! It sounds much meaner than it really is. But it is fun to drive. It handles well and tracks perfectly thanks to a front-end alignment.

It is actually nice optioned. The factory AM/FM/8-track plays. It has remote outside mirrors, tilt steering, intermittent wipers and a clock, which still works! Power steering and brakes weren’t optional. You can change the stance and ride by adjusting the pressure in the air shocks.

All features work properly with exception of the horn. There are two sets of keys and they lock/unlock the doors, trunk and ignition. There is a spare and bumper jack in the trunk. There are also some spare interior parts that may just be Swap Meet opportunities.

I really like this Roadrunner. It is a perfectly good driver that still draws attention. Most of all, it is not needy. Just keep the tank full and monitor the rest of the fluids. It is very inexpensive and is a lot of fun for the investment. If you don’t purchase it soon, I will carry on with driving it to local car shows and cruise nights. Just like it has been for a number of years.


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