1979 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe

If you like very original cars that are in great condition, with low miles, AND are inexpensive, this is a Corvette you need to check out.

This car has only been driven 65,765 miles. It is still wearing its original Black paint and still has the original interior with Red Leather upholstery. There is very little about this car that has been changed.

It was built in St. Louis. We don’t know where it was sold new, but we did find evidence that it was in the Chicago area by 1985. I believe it spent most of its life in the Chicago area. It certainly was well-cared for and must have spent its entire life in the garage.

The original Black paint still looks good. There are a few areas that were touched up, but nothing unsightly. You will find a few areas where the paint is thin from 40 years of polishing. Again, nothing unsightly.

The original Red Leather upholstery looks great. It is supple and attractive. It shows minimal signs of age and wear. The red carpet is the same. The original style floor mats are in place and they also look good. The door panels are in great condition. The dash is not cracked or warped. The center console is always an area of concern, yet it looks great. Even the bags for the T-tops look nice and the retaining belt assembly is in great shape.

This car retains its original L82 engine. While not very powerful, as compared to the engines from today, or even ten years prior to this car, it was the best available. The engine bay looks very original. It retains the original finned Aluminum valve covers, the smog pump and the plastic plenum for cold air intake. The engine bay is clean, but has never been detailed. You will notice a new alternator. The original finally gave up this spring.

The transmission is the M21 close ratio four speed manual. The rear axle has Posi-traction. The clutch is in fine condition. The transmission shifts properly. Reverse lock-out works as it should. Even the reverse lights work properly.
This Coupe was nicely equipped with Air Conditioning, power steering and brakes, four wheel disc brakes, tilt and telescopic steering, AM/FM Stereo, dual rear speakers, removable top panels, power windows and locks, dual remote mirrors, front and rear spoilers, rear defogger and rally wheels.

The woman that owned the car installed a one-piece removable top. She decided it would be less likely to leak than the tee-tops. I believe she was correct, as the car is very quiet with the windows up. The original tee-tops are stowed in their original bags behind the seats.

The original spare tire is in place. There is a complete set of Owner’s Manuals and booklets, as well as a Shop Manual. The doors lock with the key and there are two sets.

As mentioned, the alternator is new. The battery was also replaced at the same time. New radial tires were also installed this spring. The woman that owned the car decided to make the white walls into redlines. I actually like the look. The red goes will with the pin-striping and the interior.

I believe the Air Conditioning will work. There is still some R12 in the system, just not enough to trip the pressure switch. The wipers, lights, radio and parking brake work properly. The horn does not blow. I am certain it has to do with the replacement of the steering wheel. All gauges work with the exception of the volt meter.

I drove this car 80 miles home after buying it. It handles and performs very well. I hammered the corners and pushed it while going through the round-abouts. It was fun and I felt safe doing so. The engine pulls strong and the shifting was smooth. There is no doubt in my mind this car is ready to drive. And enjoy.

This car is very original, a great driver and is show worthy. It is a lot of car for little investment.


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