1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible

I purchased this nice car from a VW aficionado that has sold Bugs to me in the past. He purchased the car from the woman who drove it from her home in the State of Washington to Northern MN. Obviously it is well-sorted and ready to be enjoyed!

The mileage of 74,954 is said to be actual, but we don’t have definitive documentation. So, like all vehicles over ten years of age, it is being sold “Exempt” of odometer disclosure.

When you consider that the upholstery is original, it is certainly easy to believe that the mileage is indeed actual. Life in the State of Washington is typically good for cars, so the fact that it has never been rusty, nor have the floor pans been replaced, does not truly support the mileage claim. I suggest that you inspect the car and come to your own conclusion. I believe that we will agree.

We have discovered that the engine was replaced in 2014. It was replaced with a rebuilt 1966 1300cc VW engine. Without opening it up, the actual displacement is unknown. The engine stamping tells me it is 1300 cc, but after being rebuilt, it is possible that it could now be 1500 cc.

The clutch was also replaced at the same time. The entire powertrain performs very well. The rebuilt carburetor helps it start almost instantly. After it warms up, it idles well and has good throttle response. I wouldn’t be afraid to drive it across the Nation again.

It rolls on new BFG Touring TA 195/65r/15 tires. The spare is a match. Having new tires would make me feel so much better about making a long distance journey.

The journey will be more enjoyable with the top down. It was recently replaced, as was the boot. If the top is up, it is very easy to see out the clear glass rear window. The side windows have been tinted.

The interior is very nice, with the original black vinyl upholstery showing minimal flaws. The carpet was recently replaced. The door panels and dash are still in very good original condition.

Adding to your enjoyment is the modern Alpine stereo and upgraded speakers. Take your favorite CDs along, or tune into AM or FM stations. This car has a great antenna. I cannot believe the reception can be so far-reaching.

Our inspection revealed that all features work properly. Even the clock works! The lights work properly, too. The doors lock via key and there are two sets. There is not a jack or lug wrench.

The 1974 Super Beetle was the initial year for Energy Absorbing bumpers, seat belt actuated ignition lock and the padded dashboard. Clearly your safety was in mind. In addition, front disc brakes will help you stop. 1974 was also the first year for McPherson Strut front suspension. In essence, this is the year for the beginning of the “modern” Beetle.

At some point, the nice body was refinished in a not so modern color. Green Turquoise was a 60’s color. The finish is nice over a rust-free body showing straight body panels with even gaps. The combination of the green turquoise, white top and hub cap wearing white wheels does indeed make for a more classic look.

The weather seals were recently replaced. It appears that all efforts were made to make this car a pleasure to drive and do so while looking sharp and riding quietly.

This is a very nice car that is certain to offer you many trouble-free miles. I am certain it has been well-sorted and it truly ready to tackle any journey of your choosing.


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