1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

Loretta and George bought this car as their “Sunday go to meetin” car. It was two years old and executive driven with about 46,000 miles on it when they purchased it from Long Cadillac of St. Paul, MN. This was their third vehicle. George had his truck and Loretta had her daily driven car. The Cadillac was only for special occasions. In the 42 years they owned it, it was only driven 50,000 miles.

George’s passing meant that the Cadillac was no longer as much fun as it had been. Loretta kept it a few years, but seldom drove it. It was frequently exercised by one of her sons. It was serviced more that it probably needed to be. It was always ready to go out for a cruise, but the interest had waned.

During the 42 years they owned this car, it was always maintained and cared for by Long Cadillac. At least until they lost the franchise. It is obvious that it was well cared for. There were stacks of receipts from visits for service and maintenance.

Some 20+ years ago, the finish was freshened with new Dynasty Red paint. It was professionally done. The finish is better than new with just a few tiny areas that were touched up. There is no sign of rust, repair or body filler. The pinstripes were reapplied. This car is in its Sunday go to meetin’ clothes!

The bumper fillers are in great shape. The side moldings are good, with some light discoloration. The white vinyl top is nice, with just a hint of discoloration. The Soft Ray glass is all good. The chrome is in nice condition and shines up nicely.

All those years and the undercarriage is still in good condition. Much of the original paint is still on the frame. There is some very light surface rust. Most likely from condensation. It is completely sound.

The white leather interior is in great original condition. The leather shows a bit of age, mostly from drying out. But it is not torn or worn. The carpet, door panels, kick panels and headliner are all in great shape. The trunk upholstery is all original and in nice shape. Even the cardboard liners for the quarter panels are nice. The jack, wheel chock, lug wrench spare tire and tire cover are all present. The jacking instructions are clearly visible beneath the deck lid.

The 472 V8 starts immediately and runs great. The automatic transmission shifts properly. This is quite the highway cruiser! Coupled with the radial tires, it is a very smooth ride.

You can improve your comfort by adjusting the six-way power seat. It is a split bench with folding arm rest. The steering column tilts and the wheel telescopes. The automatic climate control feature will keep you at your favorite temperature. Of course the window and locks are powered.

Driving is easy thanks to power steering and power brakes. You can adjust both mirrors remotely from your seat. The AM/FM radio works perfectly. Don’t forget to lower the power antenna when you go through the car wash! This car has plenty of seat belts and it is the first year for a driver’s side air bag. Did you know it is the last year for round headlights?

All features function properly with exception of the Cruise Control and the Parking Brake. The doors lock via key. The owner’s manual, original purchase papers and some receipts are in the glove box.

This is a beautiful car that is just waiting to take you out for a cruise. It would love to stretch its legs on the freeway. You will certainly attract attention with the great color combination. George and Loretta found a great car, gave it wonderful care and used it sparingly. This car has so much more to give. You have discovered a great one.


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