1973 Volvo 1800ES Station Wagon

This was the end of the 1800 Series run for Volvo. The 1800ES Station Wagon was built during parts of 1972 and 1973. Total production for this period was just over 8000 units.

These are sporty looking wagons. They are considered hardtops, as there is no frame around the door windows. They share much of the Coupe body. The wagon body has a frameless rear hatch, which was quite the big deal. The grill surround is beautiful on the 1800 series cars. I am particularly fond of the fuel filler door configuration.

These cars were powered by the very tough 2.0 liter Bosch inject inline four cylinder engine. In previous years, they had higher compression and horsepower, but by 1973, they had to reduce both in order to utilize the low octane fuel mandated by EPA. A change of the head gasket is the real culprit and that could easily be retrofitted.

This particular car has the wonderful M41 four speed manual gearbox with electrically actuated Laycock de Normanville overdrive. This effectively provides you with five forward speed gears and will allow this car to travel very comfortably at 80 mph.

These car had disc brakes at all four corners with a power booster. No problem stopping a car of this weight with such good brakes, no matter how hard you were driving it.

Because this particular car was sold new in New Mexico, it has Volvo factory installed Air Conditioning. I would guess that is somewhat rare. And it still works properly.

These cars had very comfortable seats that recline and tilt. The rear seat back will fold forward allowing for a substantial cargo carrying space. The front seats have been properly reupholstered and look wonderful.

These cars are equipped with a full complement of gauges. At some time, a more modern AM/FM/Cassette stereo was installed. The dash switches are mostly of the rocker style.

There is a full-sized spare, jack and tool kit in the storage compartment beneath the rear of the floor. There are two sets of the trio of keys and they actuate the locks properly. The only feature we found to be non-working is the horn. This was likely caused when the steering wheel was changed to a sportier version. The original wheel is in the rear storage compartment.

There are lots of receipts in a binder that also contains service bulletins. The binder is also the Service Manual. It is obvious that this car was owned by someone who cared about it and enjoyed the driving experience.

Today, the car wears an older repaint. It is not perfect, but is attractive. I would call it a ten-footer. It is certainly of driver quality. The tires are now BFGoodrich radials and are of the correct size.

We have no idea what the actual mileage is. The odometer reads 21,550. Due to the age of the car, it is exempt from odometer reading disclosure and is sold that way.

I am not much for foreign cars. But a friend just loves his Volvos. He offered to trade me this car and I was somewhat dubious. But when had the chance to do some research, I became interested. The styling and powertrain are both quite attractive to me. I find the interior to be handy and comfortable. The quality of this car made it acceptable to me as a trade and now I am happy to offer it for sale.

I almost forgot to mention the cool chrome dual tail pipes. Just a neat styling feature that I find appealing.

I hope you give this car a good look. It is unique, rare, attractive, in good shape and fun.


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