1972 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Hardtop Coupe

This car lived its entire life on the East Coast. While that may not normally be a positive attribute, in the case of this car, it is a simple fact. What is more important, is that it obviously received wonderful care.

We know, and can tell, that it has not been driven much. The odometer reads just over 56,000. The title and previous title display that the mileage is ACTUAL. This is possible in Maryland. Many States will not recognize a mileage claim if the vehicle is ten years old or more. I am thankful this car lived in Maryland. And that’s a fact!

I have to believe it was always kept in a garage and probably one that was nice a dry. The undercarriage is simply wonderful. It was undercoated, perhaps when new, or at some time long ago. Most of the undercoating is still present. There is no rust, no rot and not even any surface rust.
The undercarriage and floors are perfectly solid.

The top is definitely original and it is in great shape. There are no bumps underneath that would suggest rust. It has not shrunk or cracked. This would not be the case if it were left to the elements.

The glass has not delaminated, the chrome and trim are in excellent condition. I see no sign of any rust repair. It looks like there was small repair to the left front corner of the car, but it is evident only when closely inspected from underneath.

The Antique Pewter paint is fairly recent. I believe the repaint was a base coat/clear coat finish. It is very nice and polished up brilliantly.
The interior is in great condition. It is completely original, even the carpet. And the carpet is nice. There is one spot at the top corner of the rear seat that has deteriorated from exposure to the sun. I bet there was a window in the garage and the sun hit is at this area. Otherwise, the upholstery, headliner and dash are in fabulous condition.

All features work properly on this car. The Air Conditioning does need to be charged, as the Freon was lost when the lines were removed for replacement of the radiator. The system has been converted to 134a, so it will not be expensive to replenish the Freon.

The trunk floor is perfect and is still lined as from the factory. The factory cardboards are still in place along each side of the trunk, to keep your belongings from dropping into the quarter panel wells. The factory jack and spare are in place. The spare tire is still bias ply and looks to be the original from the factory.

The doors locks work perfectly, the power seat moves in all directions and the power windows wind up and down just like they should. The factory original AM/FM stereo is still in place, however, it has been disconnected. A modern AM/FM/CD/Ipod stereo is mounted in the glove box. It has remote control and some big speakers in the trunk. It sounds very nice.

Speaking of sound, the big 455 cubic inch Rocket V8 sounds great through the new dual exhaust system. The mufflers may be a big louder than factory, but because the exhaust exits beneath the rear bumper, the tone is pleasing and not too loud.

The tires are like new. They are Hankook Optima radials of the correct size. The wheel covers are like new.

This car is not heavily optioned for the Ninety Eight model. For example, it does not have Cruise Control. It doesn’t have a power trunk release. It doesn’t have a passenger side outside mirror.

But is sure does have plenty of room. This car has the most interior room of any Oldsmobile ever built! And what a ride! It just floats down the highway. There is no effort to maintain 70 mph.

If you are like me and love Oldsmobile’s, especially the big cruisers, then this is a great car for you. It is not expensive and it is in great condition. What a glorious car that offers a fantastic driving experience.


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