1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe

This car was done right! The restoration is well documented in a three-ring binder. It appears that no expense was spared. In fact, there were so many new parts installed, that it would take hours to list them all. While it was not a frame-off restoration, it was as close to a nut and bolt restoration as you can get. The binder will support this claim.

The build sheet was partially recovered and is also in the binder. The warranty booklet and Protect-o-Plate are in the glovebox. They identify the selling dealer as Regal Oldsmobile of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Their license plate surround still houses the original 1972 license plate.

The car remained in North Carolina until 2018 when the most recent owner purchased it.

This car was Covert Beige with a Beige vinyl top and Saddle bench seat interior when it left the Framingham, MA production plant. Fortunately, the decision was made to repaint the car to Bamboo Yellow and dress it with a black vinyl top. The interior was transformed to black buckets. What a stunning combination.

This car was well optioned. It was built with Air Conditioning, Soft Ray tinted glass, Pushbutton AM radio with rear speaker, Deluxe seat belts, and lots of chrome and moldings.

In depth inspection of both the car and the notes indicates it was never rusty. No evidence of body repair was found. Due to its life in North Carolina, it is easy to believe that this car did not see salt. The floor condition is proof.

From the appearance of the undercarriage, it is obvious that this car has never been driven in salt. During the restoration, the frame was cleaned and degreased, then painted. Nothing more was necessary. It is show worthy.

This restoration was comprehensive. It involved an alteration to the powertrain. A freshly rebuilt Oldsmobile 455 was installed. The overhaul was complete and is well documented. I reviewed the paperwork and will state that the part selection was proper and no expense was spared. A properly rebuilt 200r4 overdrive automatic was installed. A new cross member and specially built driveshaft were installed. The original 2.73 open rear end is still present.

The engine has C heads and a Comp Cam. It also has tubular headers that mimic the exhaust manifolds and free-flowing exhaust that exits beneath the rear bumper. An Edlebrock intake manifold is topped with a 750 cfm Edelbrock carburetor. The air conditioning system was overhauled and converted to 134a. Every bit of the engine bay was refurbished or replaced. It basically looks new.

The braking system was replaced and the front backs are disc. The power steering was overhauled. All belts and hoses are new. The suspension was refurbished. Boxed trailing arms and sway bars were installed.

New 15 inch Super Stock 1 wheels were purchased and wrapped with Cooper Cobra white letter radial. The interior was switched to black and new bucket seats replaced the bench. Brand new seat belts and shoulder belts were installed. All the lights, bezels and bright work were either replaced or refinished, both inside and out. A correct tachometer was installed. A new four spoke steering wheel was installed. A full set of

Oldsmobile rubber mats was purchased for both the interior floors and the trunk. The trunk was properly restored.

All the lights work properly. All features work with exception of the wipers and the fuel gauge. The gauge is stuck on full. The wipers are not needed, as this car has not seen rain in many years. There are two sets of keys, one of which appears to be the originals. They operate all locks and the ignition properly. The trunk is equipped with a proper jack set and a very nice wheel and spare tire.

I am not certain how many miles have been put on the car since the restoration in 2017-18. But I can tell you that it still performs and looks great. I found a couple of tiny nicks in the paint and one small chip. They were touched up. Other than that, it is without cosmetic flaw and is certainly a car that will be well accepted at any local car show.

This is a nice car that appears to be original. We both know it has altered during the restoration. But the choices made have greatly enhanced the appearance, performance and value of the car. I believe you will be very impressed by what you see and what you read. You can just imagine what it cost to restore this car. It was done right!


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