1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Hardtop Coupe

After languishing for quite some time, this car found its way into the hands of a man that wanted to restore it with his adult step-son. It took them quite a few years to move forward on it, then Dad passed away. The son was now in his 40’s. He gave it a very valiant effort and almost finished the job before he ran out of money and motivation.

I purchased it because it was obvious that a lot of effort and expense had already been invested. There was not a lot left to do, just some details. And some of those have still not been tended to. But it is a running, driving, safe and reliable car now. You would be proud to show it off at the root beer stand or local cruise night.

When they started the project, it was still running and driving. But soon, the engine needed to be rebuilt. A fresh 350 Oldsmobile engine now resides in the engine bay. It was built to perform at a higher level than stock. The compression ratio was enhanced, so premium pump gas is a requirement. An aggressive cam makes for more power and torque. A Holley Double Pumper and headers help the engine be more efficient and powerful.

The new 2.5 inch Flowmaster exhaust system allows it to breathe and express itself with authority.

The engine installation was the time for all new belts, hoses, wires, distributor and alternator. A vacuum canister was added to insure plenty of vacuum was available to power the brake booster. The master cylinder, booster and lines were replaced. The brakes were all rebuilt, with the fronts being discs.

There is a folder with the car that contains all the receipts for the parts purchased. It is extensive. And the parts were expensive! The total of the receipts is more than the asking price of the car. These receipts are mostly from 2018.

The suspension was completely rebuilt, as was the steering. New air shocks were installed. Brand new Cooper Cobra Radial GT tires were mounted on brand new Cragar SS wheels. The fronts are 215/70/15 and the rears are 277/60/15. This is a great combination on this car. It makes it look muscular, for sure.

There was some rust in the lower portion of the front fenders. New front fenders were installed. The passenger side front floor board has pin holes, so a new stamped floor pan was installed. After the car was painted to a close facsimile of the 1972 Oldsmobile Silver Pewter and the black stripes painted on, it was clear coated. Then all new weatherstipping, trim and body gaskets were installed. The mirrors, bumpers, door handles, bezels, moldings and locks were replaced. Not only is this an expense, it is an investment of time.

Then the interior was refurbished. The seats were reupholstered to the proper pattern and material, a new headliner and package tray were installed. The carpet and dome light were replaced. A vinyl dashpad overlay was installed. An old school AM/FM/Cassette stereo still works fine.
The speakers are new.

This car has factory installed power steering and brakes. It is a factory Air conditioned car. The bracket and compressor were removed during the engine removal and lost. The rear end gear ratio is 2.73. The doors lock with the key. There is no spare or jack. The features all work with exception of the horn, parking brake and air conditioning.

This is a great looking Cutlass at a reason price point. You will see that the receipts far surpass the asking price. And that doesn’t include the cost of the car, nor the labor. You are better off to buy someone else’s restoration that to do it yourself. This is a car that is ready to be driven and enjoyed.


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