1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

This car was built in Arlington, TX and sold new at Quality Motor Company of Manhattan, KS.  As the story goes, it was sold to a soldier who was stationed at the nearby Fort Riley Army Base.  It eventually ended up in Pennsylvania after being held for a long time in a Virginia collection.

I have no proof that the odometer reading of 65,510 miles is actual mileage.  However, I was told that it was and my examination of the car suggests that it certainly could be actual mileage.  Due to the lack of proof and the age of the car, I am selling the car as exempt from odometer disclosure.

The underside of the car is perfectly solid.  Kansas cars have always impressed me.  There was no salt used on the rare occasion that it snowed and the wind always blows, keeping the car nice and dry.  There are no visible signs that the car has had body work or repairs.  The interior is said to be original and my inspection concurs.  This is a very nice car.

What really inspired me to pursue this car is the engine.  It still has its original L75 option 455 Rocket V8 that came from the factory with a 4 barrel Rochester carburetor and dual exhaust.  This engine produced enormous torque!  It was only available with the M40 option Turbo 400 Hydramatic transmission and is denoted by the U in the VIN.  In the Cutlass S model Oldsmobiles of 1972, there were only 2359 built with the U code engine.

In addition, the Cutlass S Holiday Coupe is a very desirable body style.  Some call it the “fastback”.  I find it to be much more sporty and attractive than the formal roof style of the 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Holiday Coupe. 

On top of all that, the Flame Orange color is certainly striking.  This car was painted Flame Orange at the factory and again quite a few years ago.  The finish still looks great and is certainly of driver quality.  There are a few minimal blemishes and touched up areas that are a result of the car being driven.  It will still show very well at local shows and cruise nights.

I believe the interior is all original.  I don’t see any evidence that the upholstery has been replaced.  The headliner looks original.  I feel the carpet is original.  It was faded and has been re-dyed.  The condition of the interior is very, very nice.

I have to believe that the trunk seal and the weather seals at the leading edge of the quarter windows have been replaced.  They are in excellent condition.  When I look at other weather seals, they appear to be original.  Yet, they are in very good condition.  This suggests that the car has been sheltered and cared for.

The story about this car says that it was ordered as a poor man’s 442 and to beat high insurance premiums.  Whether or not this is factual, the car fits the bill.  It has the big engine and stout transmission.  The rear end contains an Anti-Spin differential and the stock 2.73:1 gears.  This car was equipped with the FE2 Suspension package like the 442, meaning it has boxed rear control arms and large sway bars.  It also has front disc brakes.  It has dual exhaust, which is now 2.5 inch stainless steel with Flowmaster style mufflers.  This car also has the Rally Pac Gauge package with Tic-toc-tach.  It is very “442-like”

Other options include Air Conditioning and Soft-Ray tinted glass.  The Air Conditioning system still functions and is filled with R12 Freon.  To blow ice cold air, it will need to be replenished.  Power steering and brakes were added to the original order.  This car has bright moldings, Deluxe seat belts and Super Stock II wheels with Goodyear Polyglass tires.

The interior is as it came from the factory.  Black vinyl upholstery on Strato-bucket seats with center console.  A Sport Steering wheels fronts the Rally Pac Gauge cluster.  The original radio has been replaced with a retro-style AM/FM stereo that has USB and MP3 ports and capability.  The original style black rubber Oldsmobile floor mats protect the carpeting.

The trunk is perfectly solid.  The floor shows remnants of the original factory applied spatter paint.  It contains the correct bumper jack and matching Super Stock II wheel.  There is a nice floor mat and tire cover.  The lug wrench is properly stowed on the ledge with clips.  There are boxes of original parts including the cast iron intake manifold, Rochester carburetor and ignition parts.  The underside of the deck lid has never been painted and still wears the original decals.

The engine bay is very nicely detailed.  The intake manifold and carburetor are both by Edelbrock.  The distributor has been fitted with electronic ignition components.  The engine starts with ease and runs very strong without any smoke or noise.  The radiator was recently flushed and restored.  The battery and cables are new.  The fluids are full and fresh.  The suspension has been upgraded with tubular A-arms.  The car steers and handles well, despite the impact of the old bias ply tires.

This car is desirable due to many factors.  It is one of the last great muscle cars.  Please give it a good home.