1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 W30 Tribute

This is a wonderful car in a wonderful color combination. I find it elegant, eye-popping and exquisite. Saturn Gold is the color it was born with and repainted to when restored in 1984. It has always had the black Strato-bucket seat interior and black stripes. In my opinion, this is a wonderful combination.

This is a Cutlass S Hardtop Coupe. Often called a fastback. The lines are so much sportier than the formal roof Cutlasses of this era. It was built with a 350 cubic inch engine. But that was replaced in 1984 by a 455 that was built to W-30 specifications by an Oldsmobile engineer.

This car is well-equipped. It has the big engine, Turbo Hydramatic 400 transmission, 12 bolt rear end with 3.23 gear ratio and Posi-traction, W27 differential cover, FE2 suspension including boxed trailing arms, heavy duty springs and sway bars and front fender supports. It has power steering and brakes, with the fronts being disc.

The engine has the W-30 Aluminum intake, W-30 carburetor and camshaft, correct exhaust manifolds and the Ram Air air cleaner, which is vacuum controlled to pull air from the scoops of theW25 Fiberglass hood. The dual exhaust system exits beneath the cut-out rear bumper and through the Trumpet tips.

Now keep in mind, this is NOT a real W-30 car. But it is a great tribute. It has the performance, just not the pedigree, or price. The emblems are in place, as are the black plastic inner fenders. The engine bay looks very correct.

The 442 emblems and stripes are all present and correct. This car also has the W35 Fiberglass rear spoiler. The SSII Rally wheels look great in body color and wrapped in 245/60/14 Goodyear Eagle ST raised white letter radial tires. Even the spare is a SSII wheel. There are dual sport mirrors with the driver’s side being remote controlled. The Soft Ray tinted glass even compliments the color combination.

Inside the car are the black Strato bucket seats that were installed at the factory in Lansing. The interior is in wonderful condition. The headliner and carpet are nice. There are even a great set of black rubber Oldsmobile floor mats.

You will find very usable features like Tilt steering, hood lock, Tic-toc tach, Sport Steering Wheel, AM/FM radio, rear speaker and factory 8-track player. The center console contains the Hurst His and Hers Dual-gate shifter.

This car was held in the collection of an Oldsmobile Club of America member for 33 years. He purchased the car very shortly after the restoration was completed in 1984. He did not drive it much, as he was very meticulous. A sign of that was the moisture absorbing packets I found in the trunk. He loved to show this car and kept it in heated storage in show condition. I was fortunate to discover his sons were going to college and he was building a new home. He needed some cash.

Since the restoration, the car’s condition has remained quite good. The chrome is spectacular. The glass is all great. All emblems and stripes are in nice condition. The Saturn Gold paint was touched up when necessary, which was seldom.

The undercarriage has been undercoated. It is all in good condition, with no rust or repairs evident. It is not worthy of having mirrors in place at a show. Remember, this car is meant to be driven, so it is well protected.

You are going to love the horsepower and torque. The 455 with W-30 components is a monster! Even with the cruising gears in the rear end, this car will set you back in the seat. Don’t expect great fuel economy, rather expect a great rush as you drive. There were very few cars that would compete with Dr. Oldsmobile’s W-30. You must use premium gas.

Upon inspection, I have found everything to be working properly. All lights, gauges and features work as they should. The doors lock via key. There are three sets. The truck contains the correct jack, wrench and spare. There is an owner’s packet in the glove box containing all manuals, warranty card and dealer brochures.

This is a wonderful car! It truly captures attention due to the fantastic color combination. It is blessed with a great powertrain and plenty of useful options. I know you are going to be as impressed as I am.


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