1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Hardtop Coupe

When I first learned of this car, I was interested for more than a couple of reasons. I love Oldsmobiles. The low mileage was certainly an attribute. According to the description, the car was completely original and nice. But then I looked at the photos: triple green! I just couldn’t imagine. But our vacation route allowed me to get close for a personal inspection. When the garage door opened, I knew this car was something special. It stood there is all of its original glory and looked fabulous.

It simply exudes quality and originality. The body, paint and trim is in fantastic condition. It shines brilliantly. The interior looks so much better in person. It is amazing. The underside of the car is very original, yet wonderful.

This car was sold new in Indianapolis. We have the original sales documents. The original owner drove it sparingly and did not put on many miles. This car has always been garage kept. There is a written testimonial produced by the original owner that states the car was not winter driven. And this is evident when inspecting the car.

At some point, the original owners decided to treat this car as something special. It became their show car. They maintained it, yet respected the originality. Eventually, an attendee at a car show decided it needed to be his car.

The second owner was from Ohio. He owned the car ten years and showed it off. Like myself and the most recent owner, he is a member of the Oldsmobile Club of America. In fact, he is a judge of Oldsmobiles. This car was very successful while competing in the stock/unrestored classes.

The third owner purchased the car a couple of years ago. His plan was to modify it. To make it more of a resto-mod. He is employed by a well-known supplier of aftermarket air conditioning systems. He was planning to install one in this car. In fact, the car was featured in his company’s catalog. But he just couldn’t bring himself to modify the car. I am very thankful for that. And I hope that you are too. After all, they are only original once.

Supporting documents are included for tracing the ownership history of the car. Fortunately, the first two owners lived in States that recorded actual mileage, no matter the age of the car. There are copies of titles that go with the car that verify the mileage as being actual. Your personal inspection will also verify the mileage claim.

In addition, all Owner’s Manuals are present, including the Protect-o-Plate. I would bet money that the original build sheet is still in the car.
Another factor that has contributed to the preservation of this car is the purchase of Ziebart Rustproofing when the car was only a couple months old. The original Ziebart documents are included. The car was also undercoated when new. There is no rust to be found anywhere on this car.

It now has 37510 miles on the odometer. Don’t be surprised if a few more get added. I drove it four miles to the warehouse and find it to be such a wonderful car to drive. It feels like a three year old car should feel.

The 350 Rocket V8 starts and runs perfectly. The Turbo Hydramatic 350 transmission performs as it should. Every single feature of this car functions properly. The Air Conditioning is still R12 and will blow cold. The pushbutton AM radio plays. The original spare tire has never been installed. The original jack is in the trunk. The trunk mat is original to the car. The trunk floor is amazing and has never been repainted.

Other notable features are the 2.56/1 axle ratio, power steering and brakes, front disc brakes and Rally wheels. The tires are now new BF Goodrich Radial TA’s. The glass is all Soft-Ray tinted glass. The Appearance Group equipped this car with all the body moldings and they are spectacular.

This car wears its original Antique Jade Green paint and the original Green vinyl top. The Jade cloth bench seat upholstery, dash, door panels, headliner, visors and carpet are very original and nice.

There are a couple of deviations from original. The tires would be one, I believe the originals would have been whitewall bias ply tires. The exhaust system was replaced and a full dual system with free-flowing mufflers was chosen. Now the tone is more muscular, but certainly not obnoxious. The original alternator was noisy, so a new one was installed. The original goes with the car. Of course the battery is not original.

I believe some of the belts and hoses may be. Nothing has been done to steal from the originality in a fashion that the car didn’t qualify for the Survivor class at Oldsmobile shows.

This is a very special car. The originality is important, but the quality is even more so. It has enjoyed a life of great care by great care-takers. I hope you are willing to offer it such great care and that you appreciate it like we all do.


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