1971 AMC Gremlin 2 Door Sedan

Either you love them, or you don’t. I remember when AMC came out with the Gremlin. I always thought they were kind of cool. Mostly because they are so unique.

The 1971 is even more unique because it has the Gremlin emblems and the Gremlin gas cap. Kind of makes you want to do naughty things doesn’t it?

I guess you could with this car, but you may have to try pretty hard. The original 232 cubic inch six cylinder puts out around 100HP, so you aren’t going to win many races. I guess you could leave some black marks by popping the clutch. This is a factory three speed manual transmission car. The shifter is on the floor.

If you do pop the clutch, you will notice a pair of black marks on the pavement. This car has the AMC limited slip differential option called Twin Grip. The gearing is 2.73:1, but due to the light weight of this car, it actually feels pretty peppy. You may even get decent fuel economy.

The 13 inch tires were replaced with 195/75/14 radials. A big improvement! The wheel covers are some aftermarket item, but they almost have a correct look to them. I wonder how many would believe they are factory correct?

This car came equipped with dual outside mirrors with the driver’s side being remote controlled. It had a radio at one time, but it is long gone. The doors still lock with the key. So does the hatch. There is a mini-spare, but no jack or lug wrench.

You will find that the horn is not working due to the conversion to the sporty aftermarket steering wheel. The parking brake cable is frozen, so the brake is not working, either.

The car was blue from the factory. Some time back, it was painted to a Pewter Metallic. The stripes were added and they match the interior. There was some body work done before the paint was applied. You will find signs of body filler. Not horrible, but not a perfect body by any stretch of your imagination.

I have to believe the front bucket seats are factory, but I am not certain. They rock, as well as slide forward and aft. They look nice. The center console was added and it fits well. The back seat folds to allow for additional cargo carrying capacity. The cargo area has newer carpet fitted. The headliner and visors are in good condition.

The odometer reads just under 80,000 miles. I have no way to prove that is the actual mileage, but I was told it was. I can accept that claim.

The underside of the car is a bit crusty. You will find some rust, as it spent its days in MN before coming to WI.

This is a unique and fun little driver quality car. It is an entry level collector car that is offered at an entry level price.


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