1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Rallye 350

It took me many years to appreciate these cars. I remember when they were new and during the years when they were just used cars. In truth, I did not find them appealing. Just too much YELLOW! Like many, I was not a fan of the urethane painted bumpers and plain wheels. But my taste has changed. Especially if it has a four speed!

The Rallye 350 was sold during the last half of the 1970 model year. Due to poor sales, it was dropped and not available for 1971. In other words, it was only available for one half of the model year. Most were dealer ordered. Many went unsold. Some became “company cars” for company representatives and dealership employees. Some were repainted. Some had the painted bumpers replaced with chrome bumpers. There were less than 3600 built, of that, 2527 were Holiday Coupes. The actual breakdown is no longer documented, but it is said that less than 1% were four speed cars. If that is factual, then 25 or fewer Holiday Coupes were built as four speed cars. This is one of them.

This car, like all Rallye 350s, was built in Lansing, MI. I don’t have much for documentation, other than the Broadcast Card, so ownership history is unknown. We do know it spent many years in Texas, perhaps it entire life.

This has never been a rusty car. It has perfect floors. The body panels appear to be original to the car. There is no sign of damage or body repair. We know it was reconditioned in 2010. Much of the history was lost due to the death of its long-time owner from Leander, Texas.
The engine is original to the car. The partial VIN is visible on the block pad. I was told it was rebuilt in 2010 and that makes sense to me. It is obvious that the engine was out of the car for repainting. And it runs great!

The Rochester carburetor is correct for a Rallye 350. The carb looks brand new, so it was refreshed. The OAI (Outside Air Induction) apparatus looks new and functions properly. The original cast iron manifolds are present.

The L74 350 Rocket V8 is rated at 310HP, but estimated to be at least 330HP. The compression ratio is 10.25:1, so be sure to purchase high octane fuel. These engines are great performers and are very durable.

The four speed Muncie was built two months before the March production date of the car. I did not find a partial VIN on the transmission. However, I believe it to be the original. The transmission works properly. It must be shifted into reverse in order to lock the ignition switch and remove the key.
Whoever ordered this car made the wise choice to order 3.91 rear end gearing. Of course it has the Anti-Spin differential. This offers the best performance for the Rallye 350, as this engine responds to high revolutions.

In addition to the gearing, other options include Soft-Ray tinted glass and a pushbutton AM radio with rear speaker. Power Steering was chosen, but power brakes were not. Rally Pak gauges were ordered and the Tic Toc Tach is working properly. These cars came standard with the W25 fiberglass hood and OAI induction system, the N34 Custom Sport Steering Wheel, Super Stock II wheels painted Sebring Yellow, D35 painted sport mirrors, FE2 Rallye Suspension, N10 Dual exhaust and W35 Rear Deck Spoiler. They also had the Blacked Out tail lights.

The Paint Code for this car is “dash, dash”, meaning it was a special paint choice. All Rallye 350 cars were painted the “retina searing” Sebring Yellow. The wheels are painted to match and have no trim rings. The trim code is 930, which is Black Bucket seats. This car also has the original black center console and Hurst shifter.

The odometer reads 65,046 and that is supposed to be the actual mileage. The title says the mileage is actual.

I believe the upholstery, headliner, dash and door panels are all original. I believe the carpet was replaced. The 4 core Harrison radiator appears to be original. I don’t see any modifications to this car. It now rolls on new BFG radial TA white-lettered tires. It originally came with G70-14 blackwall tires, which were not very attractive.

The repaint is now ten years old and it looks great. There are no flaws of significance to report. There is no sign of any body repair or rust bubbles. This car looks stunning and is certainly show worthy. Please drive it too!

This is a rare car. Years ago, it was not desirable. Today, it is sought after. Especially with a four speed!


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