1969 Volkswagen Beetle

And now for something completely different: A VW Beetle. I am not normally one to offer any vehicles that are not American Made. But these are challenging times. When I learned of this nice car for sale, it seems like an opportunity to offer a fun car at an affordable price.

This was the last year of this style and the first year with independent rear suspension. Would you call it the best of both worlds?

This car has a rebuilt 1500 cc engine, four speed transmission and normal options for the year. I have discovered a working AM radio, day/night mirror and rear defroster as the options.

The odometer reading of 22,430 needs have 100,000 miles added to it. Oil change stickers suggest that that odometer has been rolled once. The most recent owner has performed important maintenance to make the car reliable and safe.

He installed the rebuilt engine. The braking system is completely new or rebuilt, as is the fuel system. The tires are new. A tune up was just completed. The car performs well and runs and drive reliably and safely.

The driver’s seat was reupholstered. The rest of the seats did not need to be redone. New seat coverings are with the car. The carpet was replaced with the proper black material. A new white perforated nylon headliner is still in the box. The roof is now covered in Dynamat.

The most recent owner has a nice shop and is retired. He loves to tinker with cars. He just sold the last of a trio of VWs that he had refurbished. This particular car came to him after long storage and it was in pieces. He utilized his skills to make it back into a great car to enjoy.

The 1493 cubic engine starts easily, doesn’t smoke and performs as you would hope. The clutch and transmission operate properly. There are no complaints about the way it drives and it stops evenly and quickly.

You will discover that the paint has a few minor flaws, but nothing worth being concerned about unless you choose to make it into a show car. It will be well received at local car shows, cruise nights and at the ice cream stand. There are a few scratches and chips that are visible when up close, but they are not from ten feet away. The chrome bumpers and hubcaps are in nice driver quality condition. All glass is in good condition
and original to the car.

There is a proper spare tire, a jack and lug wrench and an Owner’s Manual. There are a few parts and the headliner with bows also in the boot. The doors lock properly with the key. We have inspected the car and find all features are functioning properly.

I prefer a full-sized American behemoth over this little gem. But there has to be some who would get a kick out of enjoying this inexpensive classic VW Beetle. It is ready for your driving pleasure.


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