1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Sport Coupe

When I crawled beneath this car for inspection and to discover the transmission numbers, I was very impressed with the condition of the chassis and underbody. It is what u would expect from a car that spent most of its life in Oregon and California.

Even the best kept Midwestern cars don’t look this good. Not a speck of surface rust. Just solid unblemished metal covered in 50 years of grime. What a difference the point of origin can make.

This car was built in Fremont, CA for a dealership in Eugene, OR. I am guessing it was ordered by its first owner, Daniel E. Sturgill, of Eugene. It is obviously equipped for performance and style with respect to containing the cost.

The Matador red exterior is complimented by the Parchment bucket seat interior. It has the center console surrounding the four speed shifter. The gauge package includes the rare barrel style tachometer. Yet he didn’t order the Super Sport package, but it has sway bars. This car has rally wheels, but no vinyl top.

The 275 HP 327 and Saginaw four speed are both original to the car, as evidenced by partial VIN stampings. The 12 bolt differential is open with 3:31 gearing. I would bet it is also the original.

There have been a few changes. The shifter is now HURST , but the original is in the trunk. It now has headers and 2.5 inch dual exhaust. The original radio was replaced with push button AM/FM. Otherwise, it is very original, right down to the Owners Manual, Warranty Booklet with Protecto-Plate and original keys. The interior is original and the paint has been redone.

The current paint job is likely Earl Schieb or MAACO. Not of great quality, but certainly adequate for a Driver. I see no sign of any body repair, rust or damage. All chrome nd emblems is likely original. It looks good.

The interior also looks good. Yes, there are a few minor flaws in the upholstery, but nothing of significance. The headliner is white and still looks great. The original carpet shows some wear and shrinkage, but is not ugly.

I want to go back and gush about the solid bones this car has. The trunk floor does not even have surface rust. It is truly amazing.

All lights work, all features work with the exception of the heater fan. The heater core is by-passed. The jack and spare reside in the trunk. The doors lock via key. the parking break works like it was new.

Life in Oregon and California was good to this car. I bought it from a man that lives in Hermosa as well as by his mother in Milwaukee.  I hope he can find me more great cars like this one.


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