1967 Cadillac Coupe Deville

I admit to being a fan of Cadillacs. In my opinion, they are a terrible investment for the original owner. I love the way they depreciate! On top of that, the original owner is typically affluent and takes very good care of the car.

This car was purchased new in Bellingham, WA, which is a coastal community a bit North of Seattle. The car has never left the family. In the early 2000’s, the original owner passed it on to his grandson that had moved to MN. His grandson’s wife actually drove the car from WA to MN.

This car has never seen salt. Salt is not needed in the coastal region of WA. Obviously the car was collectible by the time it went to MN, so it was stored during winters. When you see the quality of the underside and body panels, you will acknowledge that it has never seen salt.

The odometer reads just under 78,000 miles. I would believe that to be actual mileage, based upon my inspection and observation. But the grandson assures me that it is actually 178,000 miles. You will agree that it does not look, nor act, the part.

Part of that is due to the care it has been afforded. It was a garage-kept car all of its life. Like most Cadillacs are. It has recently received good maintenance and service. The heads were removed and reworked with hardened valve seats installed to allow for unleaded gasoline usage. The hoses were replaced as required. The fuel tank was replaced to overcome the issues with today’s gas and how it corrodes. Radial tires were installed before the trip to MN. They are not worn out, but have some age on them. The exhaust has been replaced.

Cosmetically, the car looks great. It has been touched up, painted and tended to as needed. The top was replaced in the 90’s. The chrome is all original and in very nice condition. Certainly the WA State weather deserves credit for that. The trunk floor and underside of this car are in exceptional condition. It was undercoated when new and the abundance of rain in WA State kept it clean and rust-free.

This car is powered by a peppy 429. The transmission shifts properly. It rides great. It has power steering and brakes. The climate control is not working. I believe there may be a wiring issue. The Air Conditioning system is still charged. It has tilt and telescoping steering wheel. The Soft-Ray glass is nicely tinted. The AM radio plays wonderfully. The power locks work. One of the power windows is not receiving a signal to actuate. Fortunately, it is the passenger rear. The power seat is not moving. I hear the relay clicking, but that is it. All other features work properly. There is a complete jack and spare tire. The doors lock via the key.

The interior is completely original. The blue leather is in good condition. I see some weakness in a couple of seams. The driver’s arm rest is split. Otherwise, the rest of the interior is very nice. Again, it is hard to believe it has 178,000 miles on it. The headliner and dash are perfect!

You will find the original owner’s manuals in a pouch within the glove box. You will also find the original registration application duplicate in a holder attached to the visor. It is hard to believe they survived all these years.

This one-family owned Cadillac is just what I thought it would be. It is in remarkable condition. The big depreciation has already occurred. This is a wonderful car for not a lot of money.


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