1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible

This car was built in Lansing, MI and sold new in Chicago. We have the original Warranty Booklet with Protecto Plate listing those involved when the car was new. Sometime about 1980, it was traded to a Chevy Dealership in the Minneapolis area.

The body shop Manager purchased the car with intent to restore it. But his project did not progress. So the Service Manager bought it from him. He began a four year project of restoring the car to a mostly original appearance and to rebuilding the powertrain.

The car was completed in the mid-80’s. Obviously his position offered him great advantages. He knew which service provider to utilize, how to discover the best values and how to perform much of the mechanical work himself. His advantages went even further. His cousin owns a body shop (and still does). So the car was afforded a high quality refinish to Acrylic Enamel with numerous coats of Clear Coat. That was pretty revolutionary for that time.

The original 330 cubic inch engine was completely rebuilt, as was the transmission. The engine was built to utilize unleaded fuel. The lines were replaced, the brakes redone, fuel system rebuilt and new springs installed. The exhaust system was replaced as were all belts and hoses. The power top components were replaced. The trunk pan was replaced. Air shocks were installed.

He started out with a new set of bias ply tires, but recently made the move to radials. He installed a set of wire wheel covers with Oldsmobile spinners. In addition to fresh paint, the top was replaced and the bumpers were rechromed. The original interior and carpet are still very nice.
This car has been driven approximately 8000 miles since restored. It was not driven in rain or snow. Winter storage was within a climate controlled facility.

The AM radio still works, but a modern AM/FM/CD system was installed beneath the seat. It has remote control. The speakers reside under the rear of the front seat, on the floor.

You will find this to be a great driving car. It handles the road perfectly and cruises along at low rpm. The Steering and brakes work perfectly. It is comfortable and very easy to drive.

We purchased a few items for the car. Some rubber weather gaskets, the j-bolt for the spare a new horn relay and a new boot for the convertible top. Now the car is complete. The original bumper jack assembly is in place and there is a proper spare and lug wrench. The owner’s manuals are stowed in the glove box. There are two sets of keys that function in ignition, door, glove box and trunk locks.

You will find this car to not only be pleasing to drive, but pleasing to the eyes. It is certainly nice enough to draw attention at local shows and cruise-ins. It needs no repairs and all features are functioning properly. Just keep the gas tank full and enjoy yourself.


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