1966 Chrysler Newport Convertible

            I purchased this great car from the estate of a car collector who left us way too young.  He had purchased the car from Florida, but his family told me that the car spent most of its life in California.  It was built in Jefferson, MI.

            Time in California and Florida was very good to this car.  The under carriage, floors and trunk floor are about as close to perfect as is possible.  They have never been refinished.  In fact, there are still visible chalk marks.

            The car appears to have been repainted to its original color of Black quite some time ago.  Every body panel is original to the car and there is not a single sign of any body work ever having been done.  There are a few nicks, chips and scratches that have been touched up over the years, but nothing that is evident from more than a few feet.  The body is straight and the gaps align properly.  The odometer reads 39,679.  I can’t confirm it to be actual.

            I believe the top is original to the car.  There are a couple of pinch marks way down next to the body, but nothing that is unsightly or glaring.  The huge rear window is plastic, which is very clear.  There is a nice convertible boot in tan vinyl that also appears that it could be original to the car.

            The chrome, stainless and bumpers are original.  There are a few flaws, but nothing that demands replacement or refurbishing.  It is very evident that this car was well kept and spent nights in a garage.

            The interior is also original.  I studied the carpet for quite some time and believe it could be original.  Yet, I am not sure the nap is quite what would have been original.  It fits extremely well and has the usual seams.  It may have been replaced, but if so, some time ago.  The upholstery is definitely original.  It is not perfect, yet there are no tears or unsightly seam splits.  The upholstery is a combination of woven vinyl and vinyl in a color labeled as tan, but that appears to be more gold in color.  There are seat belts and they are also original to the car.

            This car is propelled by its original 383 engine.  It has a two barrel carburetor.  It developed 270 horsepower and 390 foot pounds of torque.  The compression ratio is 9.2:1, so you can likely get by without using Premium Gas.

            The original Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission works perfectly.  It spins the open differential containing great highway cruising 2.76:1 gears.  The power, torque and gearing is a perfect match.

            The Newport was the least expensive Chrysler.  This car has manual windows and locks, but has power steering, brakes and convertible top.  The two interesting features are the AM/FM pushbutton radio and the Auto Pilot cruise control.  I believe this car was designed for cruising.

            There are seat belts and courtesy lights, as well as plenty of ash trays and lighters.  The original radio is disconnected.  A Kenwood AM/FM/CD stereo resides beneath the passenger seat.  There are jacks for USB and Bluetooth in the glovebox.

            All features works.  Even the fender indicator lights and the clock.  I am not certain how to actuate the Auto Pilot, but will study the Owner’s Manual and give it a try.  The head lights now contain LED bulbs and are very bright.

            The huge trunk contains the original jacking equipment and a matching spare wheel and tire.  The steel wheels are adorned with small hub caps and beauty rings.  American Classic Radial tires are mounted on all five wheels and appear to have been purchased recently.

            The brakes were recently refurbished.  The exhaust system was recently replaced.  The engine starts easily and runs exceptionally well.  The car runs, drives and stops just as I would have hoped.

            This car is about 18.5 feet long and weighs about 4500 pounds.  It is a very capable and comfortable highway cruiser.  I am certain that it will exceed 100 mph if you choose to go that fast.

            This car will stand tall at any local car show or cruise night.  You will enjoy the drive to the event.