1966 Chevrolet Chevelle 300 2 Door Sedan

This car was a long-time project. In fact, when I bought it, there were still a few things to finish up. And there still areā€¦

It started life at the Chevy plant in Atlanta. It spent much of its life in Georgia. We know it was in Florida after that. When it came to WI, it was a project. This project has gone on for over a decade. But finally the 300 is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

While not completely rust-free, it was a very solid car. I see a floor patch, some lower quarter panel patches, new inner fenders, and a new hood and deck lid. But from what I can tell, it was a car with good bones.

The undercarriage was all cleaned and sprayed with epoxy primer. That is how it is now. The body was repaired, smoothed and coated with a nice base coat/clear coat finish in Ermine White. I was told it was originally Marina Blue. The body and paint is very, very nice. Something you would be proud of. The vinyl top was added and looks like it was factory installed.

The entire interior was replaced or refinished. The headliner, carpet, package tray, upholstery, windlace, weather seals, dome light, steering wheel, seat belts and handles are new. The dash was refinished. I believe the door panels were too, but I am not sure. They are certainly nice.

New heater controls and cables were installed. The original AM radio was unhooked. A Blue Tooth system is in place to link your phone or iPod to the car. The wiring harness is new. We see the parking brake apparatus was removed. The wipers need to be wiring to the switch. The doors lock via the OEM key. We have two sets.

The trunk floor is solid. It had a bit of surface corrosion, but that was removed and a coat of black/aqua spatter paint was applied. There is a spare, jack and lug wrench in place.

The engine is a 350 crate motor that appears to have been complete from pan to the Holley carburetor. It acts like it has a bit of a cam. It has electronic ignition, headers and the black wrinkle finish on the valve covers and air cleaner.

There are power brakes and steering, a hydraulic clutch, a refurbished radiator and new battery. The fan is properly shrouded. The performance is great and the tone through the 2.5 inch free-flowing exhaust is very nice.

The five speed transmission is from a Camaro. It is not World Class. The driving experience is great. The shifting is as it should be. The rear end is an open ten bolt with 3.08 ratio. Coupled together, this is a great combination. You can run in fourth on two lane roads. Fifth gear allows for cruising at 75mph in the sweet spot.

This is a great car to drive. It looks very, very nice. Certainly worthy of any local show. It is definitely a sleeper. The under-stated look of the Chevelle 300 2 door coupled with the combination of black and white make this car one that is going to sneak up on somebody.


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