1964 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Convertible

This car was supposedly owned and driven by a Wisconsin woman that owned a grocery store. The odometer reads 52,8xx miles. I have been told this is actual mileage, however, we cannot prove that. Due to the age of the car, it is exempt from odometer disclosure.

When I look at the originality, the minimal wear and the overall condition of the car, the mileage claim is certainly believable. Obviously, it was driven sparingly. I doubt it was ever driven during the winter, as the floors and frame are perfectly solid.

The paint appears to be the original Ebony black. I am guessing it is lacquer. It displays plenty of scratches, imperfections, chips and shrinkage. I don’t see any sign of body work. I do suspect that the deck lid was repainted, but even that displays the same patina as the rest of the car. There is no sign of rust, rust repair or body filler.

All stainless trim is in great condition. The emblems are all present and in nice condition. The bumpers look nice, but upon close inspection, display a few small dings and slight corrosion. The glass is all original.

When I bought the car, the top was original. But it was torn. So a new black vinyl top with plastic rear window was installed. This is like the original equipment. While we were at it, we replaced the pump for the power top and installed fresh fluid.

The interior is completely original. It has a small wear spot in the seat, where the driver sits. The carpet is original and shows its age, but still looks good. It has not faded terribly. Factory floor mats have protected it.

When I look at the foot pedals, the sill plates and the tops of the door panels, it is easy to believe the mileage claim. If this car had been driven 100,000 more miles, it would certainly display more signs of wear.

The trunk is perfectly original and also tells me this car was used sparingly and well cared for. The cardboard liner pieces are all in great shape. There is even the cover for the spare tire. The original spatter paint looks great. The trunk floor has never been rusty.

The 280 HP 394 Rocket V8 starts and runs great. I have owned many, many Oldsmobiles and this engine sounds just as I expected it to. It has great power and torque. The Roto HydraMatic transmission performs as it should. With 2.56:1 axle gearing, this car will easily exceed 100 mph.

I suppose the bias ply radial whitewall tires should be replaced if you insist on testing the limits of this car. Otherwise, they are not worn or badly checked. This tells me the car was always garage-kept.

If you do wish to push the limits, this car has the huge 2.5 inch by 11 inch drum brakes. They are power-boosted. You will easily feel the road with the power steering. One finger is all it takes.

In addition, the options are Pushbutton AM radio with rear speaker, Power seat, Power Convertible Top and Power Windows. All work well, with exception of the radio. It crackles, but does not pull in a station. It may be the fault of the antenna. This car is equipped with seat belts.

All other features on this car work well with exception of the horn. It does not blow. There is a jack, lug wrench and spare in the trunk. The doors all lock with the key. We have two.

I love big Oldsmobiles. I love it when they display originality and low mileage. This car has the bonus of being a convertible. What a great cruiser!


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