1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass Holiday Coupe 442

            Oldsmobile officially entered the “Muscle Car” era in 1964 by introducing the 442.  There were 2999 built in 1964.  Each has a four barrel carburetor, 4 speed manual transmission and dual exhaust.

            This car was built in Lansing, MI.  It is a Cutlass Holiday Coupe equipped with the 442 option.  It has always been Regal Mist in color and has black vinyl upholstered bucket seats.  The Trim Tag includes the accessory code “2L” for the four speed.

            I believe this car has lived in NY, OH and IL.  Possibly other States.  I have what I believe to be the original Owner’s Manual.  It contains a note stating the engine was rebuilt at 59,756 miles.  I believe that to be true.  The odometer currently reads 61,940 and I believe that is the actual mileage on this car.

            The interior provided me with some good clues.  I feel the upholstery is original and suspect the carpet is too.  The door panels look to be original.  The white headliner is just too nice to be original?  I believe the center console is unrestored.  I just replaced the foot pedal pads, only because the originals were torn enough that they didn’t want to stay on.  They weren’t worn badly.

            The underside of the car has never been restored.  It appears to have been painted satin black.  The floors and frame are solid.  I see the original style mufflers have been replaced with Flowmasters.  The sway bars and boxed trailing arms appear to be original.  Air shocks have replaced the originals.

            The car was repainted to the original Regal Mist color.  I would guess about 20 years ago.  I believe the repaint is base coat/clear coat.  The paint shines brightly and has very few flaws.  It is quite attractive.  The bumpers have been rechromed.

            When I received the car as a trade-in, it had the original style wire wheel covers on the wheels.  But there was a set of very nice dog dish hubcaps in the trunk.  So I had the wheels refinished and the small hubcaps were attached.  The wire wheel covers are in the trunk.  The tires are redline adorned radials.  The size is 215/70/14. 

            The 330 cubic inch engine starts and runs great.  It does not smoke.  It is nicely painted to Gold.  The stock manifolds are attached.  The correct air cleaner cover tops the Rochester carburetor.  I see nothing to suggest any modifications.  The heads are number “1” cast.  The stamped number is T106247G

            The engine in the 64 442 cars was rated at 310HP and produced 355 foot pounds of torque.  Quite peppy!

            The four speed transmission is a Muncie with correct casting numbers for 1964.  I did not discover the stamped numbers.  The ten bolt rear axle contains 3.23:1 gears and an Anti-Spin differential with tag.

            This car has manual brakes.  The dual master cylinder sends fluid to all four drum brakes.  The steering is power.  There is a windshield washer.

            The interior is quite nice.  Auxiliary gauges have been added.  The AM/FM radio has the optional rear speaker with fade control.  A correct appearing tachometer is mounted on the console ahead of the shifter.  Seat belts are present for all occupants of the car.  442 floor mats protect the carpet.      

            The trunk contains the original style jacking equipment, a spare tire covered by the correct cover and a proper floor mat.  The trunk floor has been patched.  In addition, there are some parts, the afore-mentioned wire wheel covers and a Shop Manual.  The trunk has a working convenience light.

            I have found that all features of this car are working properly.  There are two sets of keys and a good IL title.

            This is a nice looking and great driving 1964 442.  It is certainly rare.  You would be the center of attention at any local car show or cruise night.