1964 Dodge Dart GT Convertible

This car spent much of its life in Missouri. A friend bought it there, then enjoyed it as a family-fun car around Northern Iowa. It is very easy to get along with and is inexpensive.

The Dart GT was supposed to be the sporty version. This particular model may just live up to that. With the peppy 273 V8 ahead of the pushbutton shifted Torqueflite automatic, it will really get down the road.

The combination of the light weight, strong engine, gearing and the 13 inch tires makes it feel plenty quick. Yet, it is rated to run at over 100 mph!

This car has been driven just over 107,000 miles. It starts well and runs great. It does not exhibit any signs of extensive wear or abuse. Actually, it performs exceptionally well.

All features function properly, including the power top. It has a spare, jack and lug wrench. You also get some extra hubcaps, patch panels and a few spare parts. The doors lock via key.

The body shows some rust. The lower edges of the fenders and quarter panels are a bit shabby. They can be repaired. The paint seems to be original, as it shows quite a bit of patina. The bumpers are not bad, but the chrome is not great. The side trim, badges and other bits are all in good driver quality condition.

The floors are solid. The trunk is in great shape, despite being covered by a vinyl mat. What a surprise! The uni-body construction is strong. The first owner must have done the undercoating.

An after-market AM/FM/CD player was installed. The interior light switch was replaced with a rocker switch. The turn signals don’t cancel, but a new switch goes with. They do work. There is also a new headlight switch, but I am not sure why.

This is a great car to drive. As a convertible, it is a lot of fun. And you obviously noticed that it is inexpensive.


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