1963 Ford Thunderbird Coupe

I have been in love with the 61-63 Bullet Birds for many years. The styling really consumes me. The use of the stainless side trim as the door handle as well as those jet engine exhaust tail lights just get to me. The 63 is my favorite due to the angularity and the additional body lines.

This car was sold new in Colorado. It languished in a museum for thirty years before going to Montana. It is still on a Montana title.

When you examine the body, you will see it to be very straight. I see very little body work. The floors are simply amazing. There is not even surface corrosion. The trunk floor is very solid. It is obvious that this car lived in a climate that was not harmful to automobiles. It has certainly not been driven on salted roads.

The paint is fairly recent. It is a base coat/clear coat finish that is very slick. It is has a few chips and knicks that have been touched up, but it is still very showy. The trim and emblems are very nice. The rear bumper and tail light bezels display some minor corrosion. If I were to guess, this car was driven on unpaved roads and it was mud that caused the corrosion. All the glass is in great condition.

You won’t see two tone Thunderbirds. This car is as it is due to a repaint. It was originally all white. As a Wisconsin Badger fan, I am certainly in approval of the red and white scheme. The red was applied to the underside of the trunk and hood, as well as the door jams.

The interior has been completely replaced. It is amazing. The dash, upholstery, carpet and headliner are in wonderful condition. I believe the door panels were also replaced, as they are not warped and show no wear. If you know the hobby, this would have been a very expensive effort.

Of course this car has the 390. I believe it is rated at 300 HP with the single Holley four barrel carburetor. I will tell you this, it will flat out haul the mail. The Cruise-O-Matic transmission shifts crisply and properly. We serviced the transmission and performed a tune-up on the engine. It performs well.

This car is not highly optioned. It has crank windows and manual locks. It does have a functioning driver’s power seat and working AM radio. The factory air-conditioning still blows cold air. Of course it has power steering and brakes. The trunk contains the jack, wrench and spare tire. The factory original trunk upholstery is still in place and is in nice condition.

I have a hunch this car was sold with full wheel covers. At some time in recent years, a new set of Kelsey-Hayes chrome wire wheels were wrapped with radial tires and installed on the car. This really makes the car showy and stylish.

When I bought it, the fender skirts were absent. At least the factory pins were still in place and in great condition. A brand new set of metal skirts were ordered and painted to match. New rubber seals were installed. You now have the option of skirts or sans skirts. It is to your personal taste.

While this car is exempt from odometer disclosure, it was sold to me stating the mileage was actual. It is right at 78,000 on the odometer. When I inspected the car and evaluated its performance, it is certainly plausible that the odometer reflects the actual mileage on the car.

Being sold in Colorado, then moving to Montana was great for this car. It is wonderfully solid. It was used sparingly and has been refurbished to appear very nice. I love the looks of the Bullet Birds, especially the 63 models. I hope you agree and decide to make this nice car yours.


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