1962 Oldsmobile Starfire Coupe

This is a two owner car. Both owners are from the same South Carolina town and both go to the same church. The first owner held the car for 50 years. The last 40 years, as a car in storage awaiting restoration. His children did not wish to tackle the challenge and he finally relented to the offers of his fellow parishioner, who is a lover of Oldsmobiles, just like I.

The restoration started in 2012. The body of the car was perfectly solid and not abused. It did not need to have any metal replacement or body repair. There is a large photo album that will help you understand how solid this car was when the restoration began.

The floors of this car are perfect. The frame is perfectly solid. All body mounts are perfect. This car did not need to come off the frame. The underside is simply amazing and basically unrestored.

The restoration was finally completed in 2020. In fact, there are still a few things to be tended to. The heater fan, wipers and radio do not currently work. The restoration had gotten too lengthy and expensive, so the next owner will need to finish up these areas.

The restoration was very thorough and now the car is running and driving safely. It is elegant and glorious and will certainly impress the onlookers at any local car show or cruise night.

In addition to the photo album, there is a binder of receipts. You will see how extensive this restoration was. It was successful due to the determination of the second owner. He was guided by the many Oldsmobile manuals that go with the car.

The body was completely refinished. That means the interior, trunk, engine bay and exterior were all sanded to a smooth finish, then repainted. The car retains its original colors, with the exterior being Provincial White.

New bezels and lenses were installed. New brushed Aluminum side panels were purchased and installed. The rear bumper is new, while the front is original and still attractive. All new weather seals and gaskets were installed.

The trunk was detailed with new upholstery and cardboard guards. The spare tire is brand new and the jack was refurbished. It looks very tidy and correct.

The Maroon interior was restored with new upholstery, new carpet and new headliner. The dash pad, door panels and package tray are also new. It all looks very correct, including the proper headliner bows and sewn-in floor mats. The original seat belts were re-installed. They are not in perfect condition, so replacement is in order if you wish to have the seat belts displayed. They function properly, but appear rather dingy.
The engine and transmission were both rebuilt. The engine now starts as it should and runs great. The usual rattling lifter noise is not present. The carburetor was rebuilt. The ignition was converted to HEI. A new Aluminum radiator was installed to assist with the cooling.

The entire braking system was rebuilt. This includes a new booster and master cylinder. The fuel tank was restored, new sending unit installed a new fuel pump installed.

A new dual exhaust system was installed. That started with refurbished manifolds and new gaskets. The exhaust sounds appropriate and exits as it should. It is of the proper size and appearance.

The shock absorbers were replaced. The front end was rebuilt, steering rebuilt and alignment completed. The tires are new American Classic radials on factory wheels with correct wheel covers.

The odometer reading of 46,995 is believed to be original mileage. The title shows the mileage was actual at 44,559 when ownership changed hands in 2012. The man who restored the car added 2400 miles after the car was drivable.

This is a wonderful, never rusty Starfire from South Carolina. It is prepared for miles of smiles.


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