1960 Pontiac Catalina Coupe

This car was customer ordered with some nice features like Wonderbar radio and rear speaker, deluxe heater, courtesy lamps, power steering and brakes, E-Z-Eye tinted glass and the d├ęcor group. The funny thing is, no carpeting was ordered, so it came from the factory with a rubberized floor covering! How odd. It has the standard 389-2V engine and the Hydramatic transmission. No eight lug wheels, sorry.

The dealer was Burlingame Motors of Burlingame, CA. It was built down the road at the South Gate, CA plant. The couple that purchased the car owned it up until just a few years ago! They owned the car for 50 years and gave it great care.

At some time, they moved to the Northern part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. At some point, they stopped driving the car and put it into a small farm shed for storage. I believe it was about 25 years later that my friend, who lived six miles from them, heard of the car. He kept in touch with the owners and eventually they offered it to him.

Bob and Kathy did a great job of getting the car out of storage and back on its feet. They also did a great job of documenting the process. They kept the car as original as possible. Many of the components that needed to be repaired were sent away for repair, rather than replaced. They did everything they could to respect the originality of this survivor.

Becoming members of a Sixty Pontiac club and other Pontiac organizations helped them greatly. They learned, discovered and gained much experience in communication with other members. During the process, the car was documented historically and much was learned about its components.

Bob and Kathy enjoyed the car greatly and ventured to many shows. They documented much of their fun. You will find show plaques, displays and three ring binders. They did a wonderful job of helping others appreciate this great car.

At this time, the odometer reads 94,618 miles. Some of these were the 400 miles that Bob drove the car to me when he sold it to me. I plan to put on a few more, but hope to keep it under 95,000. You would be the third registered owner of this car when you purchase it.

You will find the car to be mostly original. I believe the interior is. There were a couple of fender benders over the years, so some of the body panels were replaced and repainted. But the majority of the body displays the original Coronado Red that it left the factory wearing.

All features function properly. The doors lock via the key. There is a proper spare, jack and lug wrench in the truck, resting upon the original trunk mat and surrounded by the original trunk cardboard. There are three sets of keys, including the originals that have the factory knockouts.

The only modification that I can see is the Coker radial wide whitewall tires. I have a brand new set of appropriate sized bias ply tires if you prefer a completely original look to your car.

Miss Eva is her name. Named after the lady that owned it for 50 years. Miss Eva herself has now passed. But this Miss Eva has lots of life left in her. Great care over the years and a wonderful resurrection by Bob and Kathy has allowed this beauty to provide much enjoyment for years to come.


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