1960 Dodge 700 Semi

This truck spent its productive life as a trailer shuttle tractor with a trucking company from Virginia.  Until recently, it even had a airlift fifth wheel.

The odometer reads 293,296 and I believe it is correct. This truck is in great condition reflective of minimal usage.

There is no rust. I believe it was repainted once, but it is hard to be certain. The frame is still smooth. The glass looks like the original.

The 413 V8 runs great. It does not smoke. It likes gas! The 5 speed shifts easily. The two speed rear end is in high. The motor was replaced by the previous owner, but has quit again. Perhaps it is electrical. I doubt low is ever going to be required, but it shouldn’t be a difficult repair.

The exhaust is all new and sounds perfect. The brakes are very good. Did I mention this truck has air brakes? The compressor appears to have been replaced. I also noticed this truck has an alternator and electrical ignition.

I am very impressed with the way this truck drives. It shifts with ease, follows the road and stops aggressively. The visibility is great with Western style mirrors and the big back window. You really sit up tall. Even though this style is called Low Cab Forward, you are up in the air. Speaking of air, the air horns work great!


The design of the hood/front fenders is unique. The fenders swing forward for easy access to each side of the engine bay. The Ram on the hood accents the big DODGE call out. This truck still utilizes a cowl vent to improve cab ventilation. 

The interior has been carpeted. the seat has been covered, but the original upholstery is beneath the cover and seems to be in good condition.

All features function properly. The gauges and lights all work. I did not get a key for the door locks. The glove box needs to be replaced.

This truck is almost sixty years old. Yet it has not been used much and has a lot of life left. I can think of many uses, but no matter how you utilize this old Dodge, it will look great doing it.    


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