1957 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Coupe

I am a sucker for an Oldsmobile and search for them daily. I love the big cars that are glorious and powerful. It was heart-stopping to discover this fantastic 57 Super 88 Coupe. It was being sold to settle an estate and I loved it!

It was heart-wrenching for the widow to sell her husband’s beloved Olds. He restored the car to its present glory, then drove it and showed it off. His investment of time and money was huge. Fortunately, he was wise enough to enjoy the car to the fullest.

This car underwent a complete restoration. The engine was rebuilt and repainted. The transmission was also rebuilt. But that was the easy part. The big investment was the aesthetics.

The entire body was disassembled and refinished to the lovely Gold Mist. The stainless and chrome trim, emblems, bumpers and grill were all sent away for straightening, polishing, replating. All done to a show quality standard. The subtle white two-tone accents make the car so stunning. Fender skirts were added.

In addition, the interior was completely refurbished. The factory correct tri-color cloth vinyl combination upholstery was professionally applied to the restored seats. The tan/gold/white combination is very elegant and luxurious. It is perfect with the Gold Mist/White exterior. The padded dash was replaced. It appears as new. The beautiful white headliner is accented by the chrome headliner bows.

To enhance the driving experience, a center “pod” was fabricated. It resides on top of the driveline hump, beneath the dash. It contains auxiliary gauges and a modern AM/FM/CD stereo. Speakers were mounted to the pod. Another pair of speakers were built for placement on the rear seat or package tray. This is all removable if preferred, but is actually very nice to have and attractive, at that.

Finally, the trunk was properly upholstered. The carpet is sown in place and the correct cardboard panels line the outside edges. The trunk is equipped with a proper spare, jack and lug wrench.

The original wheel covers are lovely. The modern radial tires offer a great ride. Perhaps a switch to a wide whitewall would make the car more period correct?

Powering this beauty is the 371 cubic inch Rocket V8. It is topped with the very desirable J-2 tri-power triple carburetor option. It also has
power steering and brakes. The dual exhaust exits at the proper locations just below the corners of the bumper. The new for 1957 Jetaway Hydramatic transmission offers four ranges and has a park position.

Before he passed, the owner offered the car some maintenance. The water pump was replaced. The carburetor was rebuilt and adjusted. The oil was changed and full lubrication performed. An inspection was performed.

We have found the heater fan does not blow. We will be working to discover why and hope to rectify that. I haven’t figured out how to turn on the stereo. I have to believe it is operator error. All lights work properly. The parking brake holds. The odometer works, but the speedometer is sporadic. It will be lubricated. The horn blows from an underdash button.

There are two sets of keys. They work the ignition, trunk and door locks properly.

Life in Colorado was good to this car. I don’t see any sign that it was ever rusty. It was undercoated when new, so that, and no road salt usage, helped this car remain perfectly solid. But the pampered life came when it arrived in Illinois. The recent owner offered this car a glorious restoration that still looks fantastic today


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