1956 Oldsmobile Holiday 88 Sedan

As an Oldsmobile lover, I am constantly in search. It is seldom that I find one of the mid-50’s models in the price range that qualifies it as an entry level driver. Finally, I found one!

Personally, I love a four door hardtop from the 50’s and early 60’s. In the Oldsmobile family, they are known as Holiday Sedans. When you have the windows down, they resemble a two door. They are very functional for young families with children or older folks that wish to ride with friends and don’t wish to crawl behind the front seat to sit in the back of a two door.

This car was supposedly purchased new by a prominent Chicago family. But I have no proof of that. I am sure it was sold in the Chicago area, as the dealer insignia indicates it was sold in a wealthy suburb. It has been in WI for a decade, or so.

It was repainted to the original color scheme some years back. The repaint was well done. It doesn’t show a lot of body work and is not showing severe rust. The glass is all good. The bumpers are not great, but are not hideous either. They are good candidates for a replate. The ornaments, trim, molding and the grill are presentable and of driver quality.

The interior appears to be original with exception of the carpet. There are some flaws, but nothing that is overwhelming. I see some damage to the headliner, some splits in the upholstery and some overall age related discoloration and degradation of the interior. It is still a more-than presentable setting with the lovely chrome adorned dash to capture your attention.

All gauges work, with exception of the fuel gauge. Even the clock works! The radio doesn’t play, but the wipers and heater work great. All lights and door locks work properly. There is a spare, jack and lug wrench in the trunk.

This car has the powerful 324 cubic inch Rocket V8. It starts are runs fine. There are no signs of it being rebuilt, yet the engine performs quite well. The Hydramatic transmission shifts properly and propels the car quickly to cruising speed. This car is equipped with both power steering and power brakes. I found some used brake system components in the trunk that told me that the brakes had been done not all that long ago.

The odometer reads 76,358. The previous owner claimed that to be the actual mileage. Unfortunately, there is no proof of his claim. My assessment causes me to agree with his claim, but we must sell the car as exempt from mileage disclosure.

The exhaust system was recently replaced. The radial tires have 2000 miles on them. The battery was recently replaced. There really isn’t anything that needs attention. Just keep the tank full and have a great time!


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