1956 Oldsmobile Holiday 88 Coupe

I will confess, I am an Oldsmobile lover. I allowed my passion for the marque to influence me to trade a lovely 1963 Ford Thunderbird for this car. I certainly have no regrets!

The owner inherited the car from his father. His father purchased it from Oklahoma about 20 years ago. Sometime after that, he subjected it to a body-on restoration. It is a glorious car!

The body and paint are fantastic. It just gleams with elegance. The bumpers, ornaments and emblems were replated. New, correct for 1956, side mirrors were purchased and installed. The interior was completely refurbished including door panels, carpet, upholstery, headliner, visors and kick panels. Both the engine and transmission were rebuilt. New Remington bias ply wide whitewall tires were installed.

This car was built in Kansas City and sold in Oklahoma. The odometer reads 35,xxx. I have no history to share with you. My hunch is that it has been rolled over, so 135,xxx miles, or perhaps replaced, or perhaps turned back when the car was restored. But what I can tell you is that it runs and drives like a low mile car.

I must tell you that the floors were patched and that the inner rockers and floor supports display some corrosion. Nothing that is compromising the structure, but you would not want to put a mirror on the ground when showing the car. The frame and balance of the undercarriage are solid as a rock and very sturdy. From my investigation, I am concluding this car was driven on unpaved rural roads. I would bet that mud collected beneath the car and corroded the afore mentioned areas.

The sheet metal on this car is solid and perfectly straight. I see no sign of patches or body filler. The paint is brilliant and professionally applied. It just gleams. The combination of the original Festival Red and Alcan White is stunning.

When you see the gleam of the paint in combination with the nice shiny chrome, you will be impressed. The bumpers, hood ornaments and emblems are all in great condition. Can you imagine the cost of replating?

The interior is eye-popping. The original upholstery would have been a combination of red and white, similar to what you will see now. But the original also included some cloth inserts. Today, the seat coverings are all vinyl. There is plenty of brilliant red and white paint, vinyl and cloth throughout the interior. It is set off by the fabulous chrome accents on the dash. These cars were so spectacular!

The rebuilt powertrain propels this car just as it would have when new. The 324-2V Rocket V8 has plenty of power. The Dual Range Hydromatic shifts properly and will put this car down the road at over 100 mph. I was very pleased to discover the slant pan Hydromatic versus the new for 56 Slim Jim transmission. The Dual Range is sturdy as a rock, reliable and proven.

This car was sold with just a few options. Power Steering is probably the most important. There is also a pushbutton AM radio and it still works great! Dual outside mirrors and full wheel covers are the only other options I can discover. This car is an 88 model, so it was born with two barrel carburetor (2V), which it still has. It was also born with single exhaust, which has been replaced with a new dual exhaust system. It was also born with a generator, which was replaced with an alternator.

This car looks wonderful. It looks much like it did when it was just off the showroom floor. It performs exceptionally well. It is show worthy. I love Oldsmobiles, especially those of the 50’s. And I love two door hardtops most of all! I hope you love this car as much as I do and offer it a great home.


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