1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner Convertible

My Ford loving buddy from Kansas discovered this car after a long slumber. He had the engine rebuilt and performed some mechanical repairs. The car is now starting, running, stopping and driving very well.

When he re-installed the 292 Yblock engine, he added a Tri-power intake by Edelbrock. It is only sporting a single carb at this time, but you could certainly add to it.

The Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission shifts crisply. I had the car on a short cruise and easily exceeded 70mph. It felt very comfortable at that speed.

This car is not heavily optioned. It has manual steering and brakes, but it does have a power top. The original AM radio is not playing. The two-tone paint is mostly original and still attractive. The same goes for the two-tone interior.

Radial tires were added for handling and safety. The brakes have been gone through. There are a set of fender skirts in the trunk. There is also an original oil bath air cleaner, a working original style starter and some new splash pans. The original intake manifold and carburetor are there is you ever with to put it back to stock.

The body is extremely solid. This car spent its life in Missouri and Kansas. Both States are good for preservation of older vehicles and neither used much road salt back in the time this car was driven daily.

The paint is showing its age. It has cracks, shrinkage and some scratches. But the look is great from no more than ten feet and, upon inspection, it shows what a nice solid car this is.

The original interior has held up quite well. It is not without minimal flaws, but overall it is in nice shape. You won’t find a rip or seam split.

The top is power and it works quite well. The fabric is likely original. I see on small hole, likely from rubbing on the mechanism. It is in the sail panel area, so it won’t be a problem in the rain. The rear window is a zippered plastic model that is still clear.

While this car is not perfect, it is a good looker and it is fun to drive. I believe you will find it to be a very fair value upon inspection.


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